Morgan Cabin


A small cabin built for simple and cozy tiny house living.

1901 points




A small, amish-built cabin in Morgan, West Virginia. More info. here.


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    1. If you check the listings it claims one bathroom and say water,sewer and electricity adverages $100/month.
      But I dont see a kitchen sink. i suppose one could easily be installed since you are hooked up to local water.

      1. I imagine the bathroom is behind the wall that has shelves on it with a book entitled “Homework”. There would probably be a sink in there, and maybe this is what they use (ick!) as a “kitchen” sink, as well.

  1. I love the rustic charm of this cabin, but that ladder to the loft scares the s__t out of me! I’d be afraid to try and go down on it for fear it’d slip out from under me and cause me to have a very nasty fall below. Thanks, but no thanks… I’ll just enjoy looking at the rest of it!

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