Lewis and Clark’s Tiny House


This recently-built tiny home in Montana is used to house guests.









  • Kristen says:

    The angles are so wide in these photos that I’m struggling to understand exactly what the house looks like. I wish people weren’t so obsessed with making their tiny spaces look bigger!

  • Mike says:

    Authentically funky.

  • Christa says:

    Very nice. Would love to see this one in person.

  • June says:

    Definitely different. Would love to see more pictures, and where the two chairs are in relation to the chalk board, or kitchen.

  • phil says:

    I agree with the above posts. The only two spaces I can even figure how they relate to each other is the living room/tv area and the kitchen. Where is the dining/bedroom area in relation to the kitchen and the two chair seating area? What’s the random little sink at the end of the bed/dining area. Overall, I like the design and style, but the footprint is pretty illusive.

    • Phil, The bathroom separates the dinning/sleeping area from the kitchen. The bump out with the two chairs ties the spaces together. If you have a moment you may want to watch the video. I think it helps explain the space. Sorry, all I had to shoot with was my phone so the lighting isn’t great, but at least it will answer your question. Thank you for leaving feed back.

  • Dorothy says:

    The table and bed areas are in the same space. It’s a Murphy bed with table attached to the bottom. The use of so many mirrors makes it hard to figure out the layout.

  • Chris. says:

    Sorry,asa TH builder. this one does not cut the Ice with me.looks as if the exterior has been hit by a big hail storm. inside cork tilesWent out in the 60,s.Re cycled electrical conduit.What do you say? Murphy bed a good idea.Have to say seen a lot more innovative creations ,these days.Look pretty tacky to me. Just my thoughts.

    • Thank you for your comment Chris, live is full of choices. That’s the beauty of style. We love the industrial look, exposed conduit helps add to that feel. Our choice for the exterior follows that same industrial look. Plus this thought. Have you ever been driving down the road and run into a bunch of bugs? With our exterior choice cleaning them off is possible. 🙂

  • Vanyel says:

    Well I’m going to disagree with the naysayers commenters above. Except for the truly horrible finish on walls which in guessing was chosen because it was cheap so it makes sense, this is an amazingly versatile house. A proper lounge area, fully winterised (despite having a bump-out) home with seperate dining, lounge, kitchen area and bedroom is perfect. Look at that storage space! Best bit of all is there is no loft and no area in which to be constantly bumping into things. I also love that shared bench between kitchen and lounge, somewhere to rest food to eat in front of a tv or easy space for people in kitchen to watch to whilst doing things as well! All the things you could want well managed.

    I really wish commenters would stop looking at pretty, but highly impractical homes as perfect because they can’t visualise themselves in the space. It’s pretty clear to me what would have to a person of my size in those spaces and the video here made it clear tat this is the kind of layout I need to be looking at.

    One question though is it a gooseneck trailer 8’5 feet by 30 feet by any chance? Just need to know measurements.

    • Tim says:

      Thank you for the comment, yes it is a 8’5″ x32 ‘ trailer re enforced.
      I love that you see that yes you can live in this space. We traveled for years in a 5th wheel and knew what works and what doesn’t. See more pics at http://www.uniquelyliving.com thanks .

    • Thank you for your comment Chris, live is full of choices. That’s the beauty of style. We love the industrial look, exposed conduit helps add to that feel. Our choice for the exterior follows that same industrial look. Plus this thought. Have you ever been driving down the road and run into a bunch of bugs? With our exterior choice cleaning them off is possible. 🙂

  • Y. K. Greene says:

    My best guess is that the bathroom separates the dinning/sleeping area (there’s no sink in it which is why there’s one by the bed) from the kitchen. It’s a very oddly shaped space and probably the ‘pinch’ point for the entire house by the look of the cramped and awkward pictures. I’m still not sure where the seating area is with the two chairs though.

    • Tim says:

      The seating area is where the wall separating the bed room is .that wall is the bathroom. No pinch point that way . Should watch the video.

  • Mike says:

    I like the funky sense of style. I think anyone would feel comfortable here. Nothing pretentious, kick off your boots and flop on the couch – and dream of all the money you’re not spending every month on an asset you don’t own completely.

  • misty says:

    Very well done! Good use of space. I’d make some style changes but you’ve done a great job organizing the space in a way that you can actually live in it. So many of the tiny houses are clearly designed to be Air BnB type places, not for daily living. Good job! and funny video! 🙂

  • Ginny says:

    This is a reused livestock trailer.? I think such a building has potential. Obviously it doesnt go anywhere with those huge steps in front.Would be nice for a camp somewhere.

  • This is just about the best tiny house I’ve seen in my searching, roomy, lots of clever storage, would love to have it.

  • Rob says:

    I was kinda digging the outside of it. The exterior is definitely different, and that honestly may be one of my favorite front doors! But you definitely have to watch the video tour, because at first I just viewed the pics of the interior and it just wasn’t doing it for me at all. But then I watched the video and I was actually pretty impressed. I do think I would prefer a somewhat more separate bedroom space, but other than that, I actually really like it and I don’t think it’s getting the kudos it deserves. The main living area seems really spacious, the kitchen is highly functional, and the fact that you were able to incorporate a tub is amazing. Perhaps most impressive, to me at least, is the amount of storage space. I love it. Usually my one main complaint about tiny houses is the sacrifice of storage in order to fit the “necessities” in. That’s not a problem here!

  • Chelsea says:

    This is one of my favourite tiny homes so far, I didn’t even notice there wasn’t a loft until I read a comment, I think a loft would be fun but also get incredibly old quickly, who wants to climb down a ladder to go to the bathroom? Or be half asleep or even worse drunk? I love the style and the pop out is great. I was surprised at the amount of storage. Great job

  • Nancy says:

    This might be my favorite tiny house ever. I hate it when tiny houses have a big kitchen with full size appliances and then a chair thrown down at the end for a living area. That kitchen as is would work perfectly for me. I prefer comfort and a living area bigger than the kitchen so I can put my feet up and read or watch movies. Also, my arthritic knees could never do a loft, so main floor sleeping is ideal. You also have my third must-have, a bathroom sink. (It grosses me out when people use the bathroom and then go wash their hands where they prepare food. That’s just me.) So, I really love this home. Thanks for sharing it. Full marks from me!

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