Basic backyard living in The UK.


  • Could you wipe the vaseline off the camera lens for better shots?

    Or is the Martha Stewart/70’s Porn look in these days?

  • The sun streaming into this very quaint tiny home makes it a very appealing place to write indeed. Since Bob chooses to hide behind his computer and throw potshots for no good reason, perhaps if he spent more time educating himself in the art of photography instead of pornography, he would have recognized this.

  • Kathy says:

    Sorry you were trolled by that unpleasant nutball, Cynthia, but you certainly made short work of him!

    . It’s a lovely hideaway. I just want to let myself in, read in the rocker for a while, and lie down for a nap.

  • Cahow says:

    The blurb in the email stated: “Basic backyard living in The UK.”

    Actually, this is BETTER THAN AVERAGE for backyard living in the U.K.! My husband is Scottish yet has many relatives living scattered about the U.K., so when we make your yearly visit “back home”, we’re privvy to their back yards. As American’s we hear SO much chatter about “English Cottage Gardens”. I don’t know where they are located but the “average” backgarden in most of the homes I’ve stayed at are abymally dull weed patches with a scrap of concrete in back for the barbeque. And these relatives are NOT poor: some pull in 6 figure incomes! They’d just rather spend their money on holiday in Baeza, Spain or in the pubs.

    This is a charming cottage that invites ALL of Beatrix Potter’s characters to linger and scamper about the garden patch. <3

  • Beck says:

    Wow, I love this gorgeous little house! I want one!

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