Traveling Carpenter’s Home Away From Home

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  1. I have seen a ton of these and this hands down is the nicest looking most well crafted I have seen. You have serious skills brother. I have been a carpenter for over 25 years and have built custom teardrops, I am building my tiny house next.

  2. I love your little house! Can you tell us more about it – how much did it cost to build – would you build one to sale? What size truck is needed to tow it? I want one, have been looking at RVs but not overly fond of the chemical smells it them. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! It was roughly $10,000 I have a pile of receipts I have yet to add up. A large chunk of that was the trailer ($2500) & windows ($1800). I would love to build as many tiny homes as possible. The weight is somewhere around 3500, I plan on weighing it soon to know for sure so any vehicle that could tow that would be great.

      1. Blown away by the skill and beauty of your little home away from home….. gorgeous best friend also !

        Is it possible to make one of these, a little larger (with a small bathroom) ? I am very interested….

  3. Love it! Someday… for me just two things I would change/add. Move the light from the foot of the bed to the head for book reading. Outside porch light.

  4. That is simply beautiful! You have a perfect showcase for your carpentry skills. In addition to beauty, it is so functional–you don’t even have to get out of bed to get a drink of water. Good job!

  5. Please contact me, I live in south western Va. and I’d like to build one of these. I’m a paraplegic and I have some skills that would help with this project. You’re welcome to bring your tiny house with you and park it on my property that runs along the Jackson river, Virginia’s only trophy trout stream.


  6. I total agree with all the comments. It’s a remarkable skill in carpentry you have. Not wasted space, all beautifully done. I do wonder on the GVWR and length. Can a SUV (5.7lt) pull it ? I so wish mine can!

  7. Bravo, Frank! Everything gleams with the pure balance of form and function. And your beloved fur-friend appears to be very well cared for. No doubt s/he loves having you so near.

  8. Friends and I have talked about tiny house building. Myself, I would rather invest my budget in beauty than size. Your craftsmanship is absolutely top notch. Well done indeed!

  9. Really really like the carpenters home but would put a slide out porta potty underneath the bed where the clothes slide out and then empty it in the morning. Solarize the roof so you can use an induction cooktop.

  10. This is a beautiful piece of artistry! It’s quite beautiful! Have your travels taken you to New England? I can think of carpentry related jobs up this way. I so would love to share this beautiful Small Home with folks here in W MA, so they could see the possibilities! Thanks for sharing this gem!

  11. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, it speaks by itself for your carpentry skills. My grandfather was a carpenter, I’m sure he would have loved to have seen your work.

  12. Two things I noticed straight away with the exterior: (1) It’s low in height so all one level, (2) a small porch. The layout of the windows are great in that you have them exactly where you need them and none over your bed area, so nice and dark(ish) at night. The wood panelling on the bed wall has been done in such a fantastic way it looks like a mosaic. Obviously the only drawback is bathing/toilet facilities, but as you are a travelling carpenter you will/should have those facilities where you are staying. You are a very talented man who has built himself (and dusty) a lovely little home on wheels, and I wish you both so much luck with your travels and adventures. Well done.

    Cee Jay/Leigh on Sea, Essex, England, Britian.

  13. Frank-
    You are so gifted! I think you should build one in the yard across the street from where you grew up! 🙂 Yes, my yard!!
    Hope to see you next time you’re in town.
    Lisa xo

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