Clashnessie Tiny House


This tiny house on wheels is off-grid in the Northwest part of Scotland with unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape.








  • Pino says:

    Nearly 2000 Dollar per month?? For what????? Incredible!

  • Michael Wofsey says:

    I like the way the ladder to the loft is at the back of the house, rather than in front like most houses of this size, it cleans up that front space and gives a more secure feel to the loft, rather than needing an opening. This is a small point, and it’s probably avoided by many designers to make better use of the main floor space, but it’s a terrific detail that I really like. They’ve done a lot of with the space here, it doesn’t seem crowded, and I prefer the kitchen not being under the loft, as is so typical now.

    As to the complaint about the $2000/month, that’s a pretty good deal, for that part of the U.K, and with those views and an apparently comfortable house, actually about the same price as staying at a crowded hostel jammed with backpackers. A month at an average nondescript motor-hotel in U.K. would be more expensive than that.

  • Gladys Moynahan says:

    I love the design, and the bed…remarkable!

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