Hand Crafted Tiny House


This little home achieved having lots of character by using reclaimed materials and hand-built, giving it lots of uniqueness.








  • KyleK says:

    It’s amazing that in such a tiny space, where things must be vital in order to make the cut, they still found space for dead animal heads and a peeled sheep. Surely there were more useful and less ghastly things that could have been included.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    I think I can see thru the ship lap walls………..

  • Linda Rea says:

    Wow, people are so rude. There are constructive comments and then hurtful ones. Their personal decorating style is none of your business and you can’t see thru the walls. Geesh, people!

    I think the house is just fine. Thank you for sharing.

  • Susan says:

    I love, love, love your tiny house. I have been dreaming of having/building one myself!
    Your use of space is incredible!
    Love your countertops too.
    If you have any suggestions on starting to turn my dream into reality I would love to hear them!!

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