Aerodynamic Tiny Home


One of Tiny Heirloom’s many projects they recently completed. They are very busy these days.









  • Ardith says:

    Wow, this home is utterly fantastic. I love the layout, style, colors, materials used, the functionality. Well done you!

  • starhawk says:

    Nice, except for the misleading name… it’s the same approximate shape as a brick, and that shape is basically the /opposite/ of aerodynamic.

    Looks pretty on the inside, though… I guess it’s alright :-/

    • sc says:

      The reason it’s called “aerodynamic tiny house” is because its most prominent feature, which for some strange reason is not in any of the pictures, is a metal 4 sided pyramid was installed sideways on the front of the house so that it would cut thru the wind going down the road. It was all on the tv show TINY LUXURY. The owners had a vehicle that didnt have the usual pulling power needed for a tiny house. That’s also why its so relatively small. Hard to explain, I dont know why there are no pictures showing it. Maybe it was changed after the show.
      But the interior was beautifully done. the headboard shelving, the specially made to fit couch, the books and recordplayer, the bench seat in the shower. It looks soooo cozy.

    • Karen K says:

      They don’t show a photo of it, but the outside front end has a more aerodynamic build than most THOWs. I guess the only way to see it is on their show.

  • Rich Wildman says:

    If I remember correctly, this tiny home was featured on one of the tiny home shows. The aerodynamic aspect of this house is not shown in the pictures. The aerodynamic feature of this house is a “nosecone” on the front of it to break the wind as it travels down the road.

  • Denise C. says:

    This tiny house was featured on Tiny Luxury. It’s only 100 sq feet and was built to be very lightweight as the owners basically wanted to use as an RV and travel the country with it. Their truck is limited in the amount of weight it can safely tow. The final weight was under 8000 pounds. Also, you can’t see the front of the house in these pictures, but a 4-sided nose was attached to help with wind shear and drag – hence the name aerodynamic tiny house.

  • gunguru01 says:

    I like this house. I think non tiny-housers cannot understand the amount of work and satisfaction that comes with building one of these yourself. That said, I love the pic of your Danner Arcadias! When I saw it I thought of mine and how painful it was to wear them the first 2 weeks! Heres to you and your tastes.:-)

    • Charie Tennant says:

      This has man cave stamped all over it! From the muddy boots at the door to the dark colors that were chose to decorate. Beautifully done.

  • Thomas Malkin says:

    That’s the manliest man cave tiny I’ve seen yet!
    I like the shower bench. Sometimes, you just can’t stand up.

  • Sally Schrock says:

    Where did you get the loveseat? I need that for my vintage 1959 Pacemaker two-story mobile home!

  • Ruth says:

    I like a lot about this home. It looks very very livable, very comfy.

    I sort of figured the name came from the front design, not shown. (come on, guys!) Just asking because I don’t know… does this mount to a stand inside the pickup bed, or is there still a hitch down below – or ??

    • Karen K says:

      It’s a gooseneck/5th wheel build, so it’s hitched inside of pickup bed. It’s a more stable pull, especially for the longer trailers. I’m definitely going this route…

  • Linda says:

    This is one of my favorite tiny homes. Love that the bed isn’t in a high loft space. LOVE the use of REAL furniture elements (instead of just a bench with a cushion for a couch), and I adore the “masculine” dark wood and rustic touches (I prefer this over light and white – to me, it’s warmer and more inviting). Very nice design!

  • Lori Lamb says:

    love it!

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