Pacific Pearl

Handcrafted Movement is known for their own style of building with custom woodworking throughout their tiny houses. The Pacific Pearl is a great example.

  • Kyla

    What a beautiful design! Are these for sale? Didn't see a link for such and am looking into ge...

  • Valerie Rimoldi

    Perfection!! Anybody could live in this one, I love all the natural light and weed accents....



Covo Tiny house Company is a bit of an newcomer to the tiny house movement, but builds lovely tiny houses out of Portland, Oregon.

  • texasdoxiemama

    I understand what you are saying, Mary, but living alone, I plan on only one sink when I build ...

  • Mary Dixon

    There should never be a bathroom without even a very tiny sink. If the kitchen sink is being us...

Hand Crafted Tiny House


This little home achieved having lots of character by using reclaimed materials and hand-built, giving it lots of uniqueness.

  • Susan

    I love, love, love your tiny house. I have been dreaming of having/building one myself! Your u...

  • Linda Rea

    Wow, people are so rude. There are constructive comments and then hurtful ones. Their persona...