A prefab home shipped throughout Europe.







  • Mary says:

    Would love to have more information about this build!!
    Costs and specs, if there are changes that could be made? Such as on demand water heater?
    What heats this house? Thank you for your time!!

  • Donna Parks says:

    Want info on this home and price.

  • Teresa says:

    What is the cost for one of these? Is there more models? Are they available in the US,if so where?

  • AngelaB says:

    Do you have a distributor in the US?

  • Jane says:

    Where are you stationed?
    Do you ship to Vancouver Canada?

  • Do you have information on how I would get started o my own home similar to this one? I love the design & space.

  • Tristana says:

    This is beautiful. But how do you keep pipes from freezing, seeing as house is not secured to ground?

  • Would like more info please and prices . And do u ship to MN ?

  • Mark says:

    How much does it cost in Canadian dollars?

  • How much does this one cost? I am a disabled vet and only make $800 a month. It would be amazing to be able to have something like this instead of living in the low income apartments I currently live in.

  • Nice! I’ve seen similar things oddly enough in an old folks’ community, with two trailers permanently attached together. This one splits in the exact opposite way I thought, though. Wouldn’t it be better to split it lengthwise? Maybe that would be too big for European roads.

    • Wayne says:

      I believe that the two main sections do split longitudinally, and that the front section with the peaked roof (shown on the truck) is actually an end piece.

  • Bojana says:

    Heh, interesting. What is the price?

  • I would like information about your prefab homes

  • Susan says:

    I love the efficiency and the ascetics of this small house. The bathroom is brilliant! It is really charming and I could see myself living in a small house like this one.

  • Love it and would only modify by adding eaves to provide some protection from rain for the sides and foundation. really excellent ideas

  • Marion says:

    So if this tiny house was built for Russia, does that mean that it can withstand very cold weather and temperatures as low as -40 C? I live in Canada and so a tiny house would have to be well insulated and maybe even have a basement. Would all that be possible? Has anyone ever built one in Canada?

  • Mary says:

    we definitely need this in the U.S., CA, Alaska. someone?? please do and COMTACT US ALL. WE ALL WANT SOMETHING LIKE THIS, those posting here, and someone to put these together for affordable living. all of the boomers, all of the young struggling people trying to live in today’s world, all of the natural catastrophes. please, someone, HELP us spwith something like this, also green community living and sharing would be nice. someone, help!

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  • John in Brisbane says:

    Nice design. Seems to be a lot of love for it too. Exchange rates are sweet. Russian stuff tends to be solidly built. I’m in exactly the wrong part of the world to consider one but I’m impressed.

  • Selina says:

    Can we get these in the states?

  • Karen silvey says:

    cant I have a plan to follow and is there any one you know that cam help in Australia please

  • Ashlie says:

    Please post info on details. As most others have commented, we would like to know where can you order from? What are the costs?
    How do you go about purchasing one of these?

  • DublDom says:

    Hello from Russia!!!
    Friends, after this post we were surprised by many likes, reposts, and most importantly – good words about the project!!! Thank you!!!
    We have received many letters from around the world! And everyone is asking if is it possible to deliver DublDom to the US, Africa, Australia? Answer: transportation is technically possible, but it will be many times more expensive than the cost of the house itself, because the modules are transported by truck, and not in a standard shipping container. Therefore, buying the ready DublDom in Russia makes no sense.
    BUT !!! We are dreaming to make DublDom available for all over the world, so we are looking for partners in the US and other countries that can produce under our technology and develop an affordable, eco-friendly and modern modular architecture!!!

  • Anna says:

    Love the style and efficiency of this little house. For all the folk who want to know more about it, I found a link to their English language website (the company that makes these is Russian) here: http://www.dubldom.ru (or just google dubldom)

  • Tammi Sherlock says:

    Would love some more information about these homes.

  • Lori Lamb says:

    love it! I want one!

  • Sara says:

    beautiful home design beautiful and differentiated. I love it.

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