Aurora Cabin


An architectural student in Northern Norway decided to build this remote retreat in the wilderness.

  • Jackie

    I like how it's minimalistic. There's plenty of space under the beds for backpacks or drawer-bu...

  • Anna

    oops...sorry Sarah. That comment was meant for someone else......

Lakeside Cabin


Tiny cabin, lakeside living in New Jersey.

  • Mike Hooten

    If it has electricity the heating and cooling would be no problem. I would like to have a kitc...

  • Connie

    The only things missing are a Fireplace and kitchen area...

Quilcene Cabin


Ric shares with us his little cabin in Washington.

  • guenter aussmann

    That is very nice...

  • Roozter

    Well & diplomatically said! Your place is awesome!...

Thimbleberry Creek Cabin


This little cedar shake off-grid cabin in Oregon sits right next to the creek and was built for R&R.

  • Maryann Stensrude

    Love the tiny wood stove! Things don't have to be huge to be useful!!...

  • Not Liz

    I have begun looking for your snarky remarks . Very entertaining reading . Sorry you ...

American Freedom


This off grid tiny house is designed with craftsman touches and features throughout.

  • Nerida

    This has a wonderful homespun feel about it. I just wonder what you use as a cooker?...

  • Paulette @ Loving Laughter

    LOVE the fact that the bathroom is at opposite end of kitchen! And the bed is more like a bunk ...



A prefab home shipped throughout Europe.

  • Sara

    beautiful home design beautiful and differentiated. I love it....

  • Lori Lamb

    love it! I want one!...

Apple Blossom


Small guest quarters in The Green Mountains.

  • Bonnie Shipley

    I love the apple blossom. What does a house like this cost in utilities?...

  • Pam

    Hi!!! Your Tiny House is the BEST one I've ever seen!!...