Munda Tiny House


This tiny house on wheels is non-lofted and modern throughout.





A 112 square feet studio tiny house in Wilsonville, Oregon. More info. here.


  • More info how to get,locations allowed amount.

  • g says:

    I want it..but with a tub and roof top deck

  • Elizabeth says:

    I think I’ve seen this one before. You’re starting to recycle yourself. It’s still a nice bedroom.

  • Very simple, clean, beautiful. I love this design. This would be so terrific for college students, visiting professors, all kinds of uses. Great job. Just need a well-designed closet/desk/table. Also that lamp has to go, and the chair.


  • Putty says:

    After being enticed with the initial TH Listing with 2 pics, then seeing here in more detail, let me say this is one clean lined, economical, practical, aesthetically pleasing living space with all the needed essentials. I love that bathroom sliding barn type door, shower area w/mirror (shave/shower/wet) the sink etc. as well as the more understandable kitchen amenities and placements. The trailer/tow and how the home is ‘affixed’ to it all seem superior and capable of what life and the road may demand, leaving less calibrating and potential hassles for the owner. Really commendable job all around, and a recommendable, viable, affordable product/home solution for many like myself with limited building/mechanical skills and budget. TY again Empress and everyone involved!!!

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