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This custom tiny house in British Columbia features a pretty unique (and cool!) front porch.









  • Jason says:

    Ooooo — do I see a pair of E2 air exchange units installed here? I’ve been thinking those are a nice solution to a tightly-built tiny house. Expensive, but perfectly suited.

  • gmh says:

    Is that a downstairs bedroom on the other side of that wonderful bathroom? Sweet! This is such a nice build- open and light and airy but still cozy. I’m coveting…

  • Karl Shaw says:

    I think this has to be one of the best builds I have seen. Nice clean lines, it looks huge from the inside (was it a police box in a previous life, Dr Who reference 🙂 ).

    Great job guy’s


  • gretel gentner says:

    This is just what I am looking for. Need to believe that I can own this some day !!!! So so amazing !!

  • Joseffa Nijii says:


  • Mike says:

    I’ve never been a fan of tiny houses over about 20 feet long, but this one is changing my mind. Excellent program. Bright and spacious in the inside. Well done.

  • Carol says:

    I love the free floating steps. If i was to do a loft i would totally want those brackets!

  • Tara says:

    just love the whole design wonderful job keep building

  • June says:

    Wasted space in the bathroom. Too much space for the kitchen, not enough space for the livingroom. Beautiful livable lofts. But I’m not living in a kitchen.

  • Skooj says:

    It says this is custom, so I assume that the layout fits what the client’s wanted, but I would probably want to eliminate the room behind the bathroom and slide the kitchen and bath to that end of the home to open up the living room area. I’ve seen this in travel trailers also, but in general I have a problem with a room that is inaccessible if someone happens to be using the bathroom. That said, I love the rest, from the floating stairs to the bright interior with the light wood finishes.

  • laura says:

    Amazing layout, room for daybed on porch, possible living room with access to bath( no one needs to see kitch or rest of house if you don’t want). The one thing i never see is a water closet , Where the toilet has its own tiny room , use an above tank sink to wash hands tiny window for air.No inconvenience to anyone that way. . That is pretty much all i would change except never a stove in front of a window yuck, sink stove switch around. done!! PS change the kitch sink ! way to small too and bath sink way to big and heavy

  • June says:

    Those floating stairs are ingenious, and pretty. Better than a ladder plopped in the middle of a house. If I had to use a ladder, I would certainly keep it flat in the loft, until I needed it.

  • Liz says:

    I’m too fat for those floating steps, man. I’ll just throw myself at that floor.

  • KelliAnn says:

    LOVE, LOVE that room beyond the bathroom! The entire house is pretty great. The double stairs, lots of storage in the kitchen area plus a washer/dryer combo and even a comfy looking sofa but what makes it for me is the room beyond the bathroom! I have above average hearing and sometimes I just gotta go off and shut the door and be by myself and you cannot do that with a loft bedroom so that extra room is too FAB and not something you see often in a tiny abode. Love it!

    • Cindy says:

      Hi KelliAnn,
      Loved reading your comments about my tiny house! I designed it and had it built by Tiny Living Homes, which they since renamed to Mint Tiny Homes in Delta, BC. The washer dryer combo is awesome. I had never used one before and I like it. The sofa is from Ikea. It pops out easily into a double bed. I cram some of my way too many shoe options underneath it. On the above-average hearing, I am exactly the same. I have to tell you one of my absolute favourite things about this tiny house is that I went with a propane fridge by Unique. It is 100% quiet – you don’t have to hear that damn electric fridge cycling, which I found so annoying! Anyway, yes, that back room could totally be a beautiful getaway space. I use it as a private sound healing studio. If you want to see any photos, visit my website:
      All the best,

  • Anna says:

    I have been looking into moving into a tiny home for the last 6 months (more so recently) but none have really been it for me. And then I saw this one and it is nearly exactly how I would want mine! This is the perfect tiny home in my opinion. It’s just wonderfully built and designed. And I love the outside colors!

  • Niki says:

    I need to find someone to build me a tiny house. I’m sick of renting.

    • Cindy says:

      Hi Niki,
      I designed this tiny house and had it built by Tiny Living Homes, since renamed to Mint Tiny Homes. I had a wonderful experience with this builder. They were very open to my ideas and needs. They built it on time and on budget. No surprises. Wonderful people to work with. If you want to see any of the build photos and videos, have a look on my website:
      I hope you’re able to have a tiny house built someday. It’s a hard road being a renter, I know. Wishing you well, Cindy.

  • Chris. says:

    very nice guys.a question?Whats the measurement from rear wheel to the end of unit?That looks quite a lot for swing when towing. Although i have extended my TH some 4 ft.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    good work for the owner/designers and the builders.

  • Dorothy says:

    Happy to see the banisters are there. I think I could actually step into the loft which is important to me. I don’t like the crawl ins at all.

    I love the little room beyond the bath. I can see how it might not work if there were several people but for me living alone that would be perfect. I think that’s where I’d put my computer and TV and probably spend most of my time reading and I love that there is a second access door.

    My only complaint is the stove in front of the window and the lack of a hood over it. Not safe. However I’m not interested in cooking so I could adjust easily. Might not be so good for someone who uses the cook top daily.

  • ewin says:

    I am always put off by the low ceilings in the lofts and I don’t want to sleep in the kitchen. Has anyone thought of using a popup roof system in one of these?

    • Sue Baldwin says:

      Me! I ‘ve been working on that! And pop outs. I’m serious about figuring it out so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them. Crank or motor?
      I won’t be moving my house but need it to be officially an RV so I can have it on my land and keep my farm status and low tax (24.00 per year) but I sure would love to have a full height bedroom loft and a bigger dining room. Ideas welcome please.
      And anyone looking to share 80 on the beautiful Anarchist Mnt of BC please contact me!

  • Jane on Whidbey says:

    This is ideal for more than one person. I would find it too much for me. It looks like a 30′ or more. It’s brilliant to have that spare room on the end. Lovely. I so enjoy that there are so many ways to do tiny.

    • Cindy says:

      Hi Jane,
      Cindy here – I designed this tiny house and had it built by Tiny Living Homes, since renamed to Mint Tiny Homes. My tiny house is 28 feet long. The spare room on the end IS great. I use it as my sound healing studio for clients. The 2nd bedloft is a space I use for storage. The house is really not that big! It’s wonderful for 1 person. When I have more people in here, you get into what I affectionately call: the ‘tinyhouse shuffle’. Anyway, I hope you live a tiny house life someday, if not already!

  • Sue Baldwin says:

    It IS bigger on the inside ( Who again) and I see there is a door into the back room behind the bathroom.
    Can we see a floor plan and if not, what is the length, weight etc? Thank you, it is a beauty.

  • Gloria Schuelke says:

    I really love the kitchen being open. Most tiny homes have the living area open and the kitchen under the loft. I personally spend most of my time in the kitchen and I usually am sitting while in the living area, so it makes sense for me. This is a fabulous design. Losing the second loft and turning the ‘back room’ into a closet would make it absolutely perfect for my personal needs. Love the color combo as well. Nice job!

  • Jacqueline Cyr says:

    I want this. How do I get it??

    • Cindy says:

      HI Jacqueline,

      I designed my tiny house you see in this photo. The builder is Mint Tiny Homes in Delta, BC. They were wonderful to work with and helped me tweak my ideas if something would not work for technical reasons – like ‘plumbing’ reasons, which I really had no idea about whatsoever. Anyway, they delivered for me on time and on budget. I was very happy!
      All the best,

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