Rustic Loft


Mint Tiny Homes in British Columbia offers this model as one of several in their tiny house lineup.







  • Nancy says:

    There’s no living space that I can see. One tan chair in a corner. Other then that, I really like it!

  • Milcah says:

    Nice. I can live with one chair in the living space in order to have that bathroom. One of the most beautiful and decently sized bathrooms yet!

  • Ben says:

    I love that the bathroom and kitchen are on opposite ends of the house. I understand why they’re typically close together, but it’s nice to see some separation; no need to cook only a few feet away from your toilet.

  • Cheryl says:

    There’s only room for 1 stuffed chair downstairs….that’s crazy or just poor design.

  • Lisa E. says:

    No place to sit down and eat. No place to sit down on the first floor other than the one tan seat. The loft over the bathroom would have to double as a living room with floor seats (Indian or Japanese) for a place to congregate.

  • danny says:

    Not too crazy about the whole layout and space use. No open area for sitting or lounging or coffee breakfast table…. Not see it
    Not too sure either about the stove next to stack-able washer dryer comb.
    The whole idea is to make more with less. This breaks all the rules; big sink , a retro frig & waster & dryer?

  • Ardith says:

    I totally agree with the other commenters. Who the heck is ordering these tiny homes with largish kitchens and baths…and NO actual living space???? I also agree with Danny regarding the appliances. They should be sized appropriately for these small homes.

  • Linda Rea says:

    I really like the staircase. I like storage in the bedroom loft but not on the floor. I’d always be stubbing my toes in the dark. I agree about the lack of living space that everyone else mentioned. I like the kitchen.

  • Lauralmhs says:

    Visually quite beautiful, but like many other commenters, I have to give a thumbs-down for the lack of comfortable and realistic living space.

  • Amber C Johnson says:

    Nice job! This is a tiny home which could, realistically, be lived in comfortably. Too many other tiny homes look like they’re made for kids who want to play house, with ridiculously tiny sinks, appliances, and bathrooms. Bonus points for having adult seating via a lovely chair (rather than ugly, uncomfortable padded bench things, and for placing the bathroom away from the kitchen. And the separate washer and dryer is very good. Our 2016 34′ motor home has a single unit that was ridiculously expensive, takes a long time to wash and dry, and only takes small loads. The flooring, barn door, copper pipes, shelves, black heater, smart storage solutions and attention to detail is unique. The decor is perfect…sophisticated modern rustic? Thanks for sharing.

  • SBC says:

    I am in love with the total storage and shelving, up and down. This rustic industrial with class style has me cheering (a favorite even before it became a popular thing). I personally think the padded chair in front of the fire is cute as hell. I live without TV now, so the chair and loft would actually do it for me for most situations. Could be that the owner is an introvert or has a job that deals with a crazy number of people and just wants and needs a quiet personal nest. As I love to cook, the Kitchen is a thumbs up. I could never understand TH kitchen sinks that are just big enough to wash a cereal bowl in – a sink is a workhorse tool that washes much more than just dishes and ought to be generously sized. I could move right in. I think the owner intends to dress for the day in the bath, hence the elbow room and open closet area – no complaints from me on that score. My only complaint has been mentioned by others – there is this gorgeous kitchen, but no table that I can see. That has me flummoxed.

  • Janet says:

    As they said on Laugh-In, ‘verrrry interesting, but stupid’.
    Gorgeous design, but as the other commenters said, impractical use of space. What’s the point of a full size kitchen if there’s no seating for guests? Or for the owner, for that matter. And the full size closet is great, but is important enough to sacrifice living space. The washer and dryer beside the fridge is handy, but visually distracting, as it becomes a focal point when sitting in the chair having dinner off the TV tray that you got as a housewarming gift. The stairs are a beautiful feature, but lead to a loft with a sunken bed surrounded by storage. Clever, but I wouldn’t want to sleep there. The idea of lying on my bed, totally surrounded my my stuff is the opposite of relaxing. Also, making the bed would make me cry. Ditto for accessing the upper shelving in front of the second loft space.
    Other than that, its perfect.

  • Steven Jude says:

    I love the white interior painting. It makes the house look so bright.

  • Jules says:

    Get rid of the bulky stairs, move the storage cabinet next to the fridge over where the washer and dryer are stacked. Put washer/dryer combo unit either where the closet is or under bathroom sink. Move or get rid of the hobbit stove. Now that stairs are gone, a love seat can fit under the windows. and a Tv can go where the stove was. Create extra living space by decreasing size of bathroom and use loft above for guest/extra storage area. Get rid of the french doors in kitchen to make room for a small table or window ledge to use for eating or work area.

  • Mike says:

    Just a reminder to work extra hard on your lighting plan. Or buy lots of excedrin. Or sunglasses.

  • Mayer says:

    What are the dimensions/specifications?

  • Louise says:

    Love the wood floor. Not crazy about washer/dryer combo next to front door or stove. Dirty floor tracking in dirty and then spills and grease from cooking. Better off designing it into the bathroom.

  • CindiLewis says:

    Love, Love, Love the rustic tiny home. How do you get more information like cost, builders, location.

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