California Dreaming


This tiny home built by Incredible Tiny Homes was built with weight tin mind.

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  1. Nice plan. I don’t care for all the plants around as they take up too much usable space. Hurrah for the full size toilet. Looking good

  2. I don’t like the open shelving between the kitchen and the shower stall. I’d rather have a pull-out pantry there, or a long slim door.
    Also, I’m not seeing a refrigerator. What are some of the features? Is it Hot Water On Demand? What is the cost? What are the dimensions? Are there other options you can add on? I love the interior color and the build in banquette (although I would prefer fitted bolsters instead of that pile of pillows.) This would make a great “Rambler” travel trailer.

  3. I think there is space for the refrigerator under the kitchen bench. My picky bit, would be the smallest of kitchens and they put in a double sink? Is that really a priority when there is no fixed cook top or oven? Anyway each to their own. A wee bit too tiny for me but I guess you can really travel light with this little one.

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