California Dreaming


This tiny home built by Incredible Tiny Homes was built with weight tin mind.

  • Nerida

    I think there is space for the refrigerator under the kitchen bench. My picky bit, would be th...

  • Lisa E.

    I don't like the open shelving between the kitchen and the shower stall. I'd rather have a pull...

Tiny By Design


This tiny house has a drawer that slides out to become a bed. Speaking of slide outs, it has one of those too.

  • Deb

    Creative design with the bed, But the mixes of woods and furniture styles is a bit confusing....

  • Jean

    So far, my favorite little house to date!! I love the pull-out bed under the closet. I also lik...

Woodland Tiny House


Rebecca’s tiny house in Nashville.

  • Paige

    VERY charming. I'd want to stay there. Shoot, I'd LIVE there....

  • Peggy Trivilino

    One of those additions would have to be some sort of stove/range/cooktop. A microwave just isn...

Going Tiny

going-tiny-1A cedar tiny house in Tennessee built by its owners.

  • Ryder

    A little on the dark side for me... but not bad!...

  • Gary

    Is this TH for sale? How big is it ? & do you build for sale Also what is in the bath room...

Randy’s Tiny House


  • Tanya James

    Love incredible tiny homes. They are a first rate company. Beautiful homes. My favorite is humm...

  • Lori Lamb

    Cute. Just had to giggle at the bathroom "door". People can see in the cracks!...

Scrappy Tiny


The Scrappy Tiny is a recent tiny housebuild completed by my good friends over at Tennessee Tiny Homes.

  • Bethany

    Oh man, are those tiny footsteps to get into the loft with a railing to help you get in? Dang, ...

  • Rich

    I'd like to see someone execute that maneuver into the loft or even better, OUT of the loft!...

Little Joppa


A 128 square feet tiny house on wheels in Tennessee.

  • carrie

    I want in the tub RIGHT they have a large enough hot water supply to fill it?...

  • Richard

    Architectural mish-mash. What's with the fake gable? The ration between the windows is a disast...

American Freedom


This off grid tiny house is designed with craftsman touches and features throughout.

  • Nerida

    This has a wonderful homespun feel about it. I just wonder what you use as a cooker?...

  • Paulette @ Loving Laughter

    LOVE the fact that the bathroom is at opposite end of kitchen! And the bed is more like a bunk ...