Artist Bungalow


Built by Gratitude Builders, this little home features splatter paint, a simple folding bed and on demand hot water.








  • Mary says:

    I think I like this little house, but the photos made it difficult to tell. I almost got seasick looking at them.

  • Lisa Tallchief says:

    Pretty unfinished I would say. If it suits the owner that is all that counts.

    • Kristina H Nadreau says:

      agreed. The pictures did not display the interior. I can not tell what this house is like. bath is a bucket, I guess. the stove looked very good. no idea about the sleeping space .

  • e. a. foster says:

    what makes this tiny house attractive is it would appear to be built with re-cycled materials. It would be nice to know how much it cost to build.

    Part of tiny houses being so great is the can be built very inexpensively and frequently with re-cycled materials. Its an answer to homelessness and/or inadequate and unsafe housing.

    Many cities permit laneway houses, why not tiny houses. it may look unfinished to some, but to those who live in unsafe conditions, this home would be a palace. if it could be parked in a yard, it would provide a lot of security for seniors, the disabled, those working for min. wage.

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