Beachy Chic

A beach-inspired tiny house in Utah? Sure, why not. The inside of this home is so bright and so comfy-feeling.


  • brenda says:

    This would be great for a college student!

  • Su Wu says:

    I love the colors and airy feel, but was that kitchen designed by a guy who doesn’t cook? Where does the food go? Is this a basic model? There isn’t much room for storage, so a minimalist would love it,

  • Evening Iris says:

    Nice. What are the exterior dimensions? Is there a trap door in the floor at the top of the stairs? The bath tub should be optional; not a fan of tubs; prefer tile shower.

  • Barb Duder says:

    I agree with Su about the lack of storage…that problem aside…

    Love the color scheme – it feels so bright and airy. I adore the comfy chair/sofa – although it would really only seat one. I also like the back stairs…instead of the stairs being out in the open. Nice storage in those. Definitely a swoon!

  • kristina nadreau says:

    minor additions would be more functional.

  • Malea says:

    Would love to know where the chair is from!

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