The Animal

The builders of this tiny house dubbed it “The Animal” because of how many doodads and solutions it has in place for the owner’s furry friends.


  • starhawk says:

    I like the unusual ceiling fan… and the random (?) stick/tree thing is interesting as well… it looks like it’s part of an animal cage, there, but I can’t quite tell… meh.

    My only other comment, really, is the usual grumble about how big it is for a tiny house. Then again, my ideal ‘tiny home’ is a ~30ft vintage Airstream, so I suppose I’m at least a slight hypocrite on the subject… well, that, and the fact that I grumble too much anyways 😛

  • Barb Duder says:

    I love the hidden staircase to the loft! I also love the teal accent color. I am not a big fan of the layout of the loft – but I understand that it is designed to be two bedrooms up there. Nice closets and good storage.

  • Toni says:

    Wow, whet to say! I did not like the bright teal, and surprisingly, it is my favorite color, but definitely NOT in here. I was looking for the living room all the way till the end of the video, still don’t know where it is, unless it was the room with the ugly smurf dog crate. Not sure about that, but then I don’t have to live there! Ya, I guess size wise was what I liked best, but the lay out of having to go thru the bathroom to get to bed and all that left a lot to be desired. And the teal, did I mention that? Was most definitely designed for a life, nothing about this house was aesthetically pleasing! I would sure like to see pictures of this place after the owners get moved in, just to see what and how they design it. Thinking there has to be a plan here somewhere!

  • Lynnie Stevens says:

    Too sterile looking for my taste. Cold. Needs warmed up.

  • Sue Morrow says:

    Love this!! Especially building for the furry part of the family! Like everyone else, I have a few comments: In planning for cats–they will try to go from their area to the guest bedroom. I would allow a board from one to the other, on both sides so they can look out of the windows, or add a window to their area. The stick looks a little dangerous (points, thin), plus an adult aging cat would not be able to climb it. There are many shelf systems to put on the walls when/if they are needed.

    The other comment–is there a door or something that closes the toilet off from the master bedroom? I would be uncomfortable making unladylike sounds or smells with my partner above me in the bedroom with nothing in between. I like my privacy.

    It is a beautiful set up and I am going to be taking your ideas into consideration! The teal color is striking and I love the use of the beams on the ceilings to make things look taller and more substantial. All in all, a thumbs up! I would buy this one (if I had the wherewithall).

  • BB says:

    Love that kitchen. Everything is finished with meticulous attention to detail. Nicely done! Someone needs to tell them that they have a tree growing in their living room….

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