Little Bitty Tiny House


This family of three built their tiny house in North Carolina with one of the lofts serving as a living room.







  • garrett says:

    Cute, like tiny homes that have full tubs..small kitchen sink though :/

  • Paula says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • SBC says:

    All the rooms are there, aren’t they: nursery, parent bedroom (both with privacy!), bath, living room, kitchen. The exterior is really attractive, and lots of natural light. My actual favorite is the placement of the mini-split – for some reason most of them seem just slapped somewhere obnoxious and ruin what would otherwise be a beautiful large wall space. That bit of wall outside the parent bedroom is perfect. Great job!

  • Debbi Thomas says:

    I like all of this one. First time that has happened. I would have reflective solar tubes rather than can lights int he ceiling. Can’t really tell for sure which they are. But only things I would change are the personal stuff and the parking space. Pretty amazing considering I would design and build my own.


  • Dana Holby says:

    How can I reach the family selling the Itty Bitty Tiny House in Marion?, North Carolina for $48,000? Roche Woodworth?

    • Dana Holby says:

      How can I reach the family selling the Itty Bitty Tiny House in Marion?, North Carolina for $48,000? Roche Woodworth?

  • Sandra Thomas says:

    I love these houses but want to see one in person and walk through one to see what I like and what Iwould change. So I need to know where theres a builder near me. I live in North East Indiana just about 2o minutes from Ft.Wayne,Indiana don’t want to drive very far I don’t drive long distances any more so my
    daughter would have to bring me. I’m retired want a small place to part in a country setting but close to my
    town. Thanks look forward to hearing from you. Another question do you build these houses to the basics and want all electric,water etc. hooked up I would like to paint and decorate my house. I have picked out the type of sink for my bathroom it’s a vessal type its small and wouldn’t take up a lot of room on top of the counter for bathroom. Hope to talk soon Thanks again. Sandy

  • Lori says:

    I love this house! It’s set up nicely, it’s inviting, with privacy too. Only changes I’d make is with the old washboard in the kitchen… a shallow box with shelves the same size within the wall, hinge the washboard as it’s ‘door’, add a dowel across the bottom to use as a dish towel hanging bar or even a paper towel holder. Instead of just décor it becomes a useful item that also hides a shallow spice cabinet! Add a railing for safety to the stairs and replace the tub with a shower since it’s harder for my arthritic joints to climb over the edge of a tub these days.

  • Dorothy says:

    If you go up to watch a movie and have a beverage or three just plan on sleeping up there. Using the ladder with a buzz could be very dangerous. BTW, how do you carry the popcorn and drinks while you climb up to watch the movie on that super large screen?

    • Jeff says:

      I’m sure people can figure it out. Have you heard of alot of drunk people falling off of Tiny Home lofts? I know it is a mounting epidemic, but no one died today that I know of.

  • danny says:

    love it it feels like a warm home

  • sara says:

    I think I would take that dead tree out before it falls or blows down on their house.

  • Sandra Ducharme says:

    This is very well thought out. Great use of space. I was a kitchen & bath designer for a decade so most designs I go thru and redesign in my head and ask “ why did they do that?” – didn’t happen once with this design.

  • Tina DePasquale says:

    We are interested in possibly purchasing this home. But it was listed 2 years ago now. Is it still for sale?

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