Little Sunshine


Emily’s tiny house in Florida is pretty darn unique.









  • garrett says:

    How much?? Love the full size tub..a bigger sink in the kitchen would be nice..maybe turn the wood table into a sink, prep area with stool seating

  • Shenphen Drolma says:

    Many good ideas and a good plan. Though I would have mirrored the kitchen and bathroom to the opposite side. It would be natural to have an outside deck by the double doors. But it the exhaust from the compost toilet exits on the same side. Maybe not the best place if one is having guests for dinner 😉

  • gmh says:

    Great stuff here- stairs in the back so they aren’t in the way, room in the living area for a couch, head room in the loft… Nicely done and very livable!
    And thank you x10 for the floor plan- it helps so much to see how something fits together!!!!

  • Norris 720 says:

    Great design. The rear deck is a added bonus for everyone. The headroom in the loft is a great plus. Just needs some sort of railing or guard in the Loft area for late night sleep walking. Overall I like the layout.

  • Dorothy says:

    This is super! Love the back stairs and the large loft. I think I’d put something along the edge for safety.
    I wouldn’t bother with the tub and use the saved space for storage. I know lots of people love baths, but I don’t.
    The kitchen is a perfect size.
    I love all the windows and doors. Egress for safety is very important to me and this is the BEST I have seen.
    I love the included floor plan. That with the photos and video explain the layout perfectly.

  • Mo says:

    I’m SO EXCITED to see my washing machine with its matching dryer *and!* a bathtub fitting into a 24′ space!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the floor plan, consider it lifted! 😉

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