Vintage Glam


The Vintage Glam tiny house by Tiny Heirloom in Portland, Oregon has vaulted ceilings, and even an automated…chandelier?










  • Blair says:

    It would be nice to see photos of the dining set up. I gather is is like a vintage gypsy caravan with the pull out table. I can see the pull out seats and table but what is the larger pullout under the table for?

  • Ardith says:

    Fantastic design and layout

  • alice h says:

    Looks like you could rule your demesne from the royal throne up on the dais. I like that!

  • kristina nadreau says:

    excellent design visually and functionally

  • ttthom2 says:

    Love everything but the sofa in the sky. Would feel awkward sitting up on the throne looking down on the rest of the house. Think I woulda reversed it and had a traditional sleeping loft above the living space on same level as the kitchen . . . . but . . . . .that’s just me. Love the Clawfoot tub though.

  • Kathy says:

    This is beautiful!! Love the glam touches throughout. I would move right in.

  • Barbara says:

    I loved this when I saw it on TV. The only problem is…I cannot afford it!

    I would think, with all that height, in the house, why not build, or place, more white shaker cabinets, above the kitchen area? Just keep a folding step ladder near by.

    And another thing I notice about all these tiny homes…where do you keep your garbage, and recycling? Why not a pullout for those? And why not kick plate storage, below? And between the studs storage, or between the studs shelves, in the bathroom? Use as much space, as you can, for storage! Where do you hang your clothes? Where do you put your folded clothes?

    Where do you put a TV?

    Can you imagine having to clean that chandelier, from all the grease that accumulates, in the kitchen area? How about something to pull the cooking odors outside, over the stove?

    I do love this design, but would love to have all of these additions! Of course the builders are on the other side of the country! But maybe I could get this built in SC? I know this home can be built for less $$…because I have seen it done on other tiny home shows. I have big dreams of selling this condo and building a tiny home..and moving maybe, to Texas! Or moving to Texas and then having it built. Trying to find the least expensive builder.

    Since I am handicapped, I figure I would be someone with great challenges for the Tiny House Nation show. I understand they like challenges!

  • Barbara says:

    I guess maybe, those pantries could be used for clothing and shoe storage. The ones on either side of the bathroom. That might do!

  • Andrea says:

    Love it! Once children come along, or if there are any family/guests sleeping over, the living rm might need to be converted to a sleeping loft for privacy

  • Joni says:

    What I don’t see is there the access is for water and power. And it’s set directly on the ground.

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