Wilderness Container House


It used to house goods in route to their destination, now it houses people.











A converted container house in Brighton, Colorado built by Walker Wilderness Enterprises.


  • Annette says:

    The finishes are pretty – great floors & lighting.

    At first I just so totally didn’t get that long hallway – when space is at such a premium halls are such a waste.

    After searching for the front door and realizing that it’s opposite an entry-way bench/coat rack this floor plan began to make lots better sense.

    What are the dimensions of the container? For me I’d cut the 2nd bedroom & go with a 1/bed full bath at the opposite ends, with a real kitchen (where is the fridge in this model? What about a range?) and a living room that can support more than a bench.

    Love the barn door on the bath – but why don’t the bedrooms also have such doors?

    I really like the idea of recycling these containers – Can the roof actually support a snow load? Flat roofs are often eschewed because they will invariably leak.

    Thanks for sharing this innovative project, it’s given me a lot to think about.

  • Jim says:

    There’s a lot to like about this idea/plan. However, my main complaint with containers as houses is that the exteriors are so darn ugly.

  • michael mcallister says:

    am interested could you send me more info

  • Pat Quidley says:

    How much

  • Rannug says:

    Cost on these? Love it!

  • Kat says:

    like the site–but dont like how everything never has a price or the cost to the owner on what the expenses were to make into a home! Container homes are a thought compared to TH….flat roof is a concern with Cincinnati weather being so unpredictable……I want the normal appliances with exception of dishwasher–I dont see appliances here…..I like the 2 bedroom idea for company. And what would be zone restrictions on living in something like this?? Seems to be the problem wanting to own a TH on top of the cost of land and finding a place to legally put……

  • Bob says:

    I like it. Very clean and surprisingly bright. I recommend elbow pads when using the shower.

  • phil says:

    Nice finishes, but what a waste of sooooooo much space! Plenty of hallway, but no actual living space? That’s not even a kitchen, just a counter with a sink in it. Where would you even consider putting appliances? Is that corner bench supposed to be the “living room”? If this is just a drop you stuff for the night/hotel room it would be one thing, but if it is intended for actually living, there is nowhere to do so.

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