Rooftop Deck Container Home

Heres what a shipping container converted into a tiny house then given a front and rooftop deck looks like.

  • Catherine Frosi

    Would like to speak to someone who built this....

  • Robyn J

    Exchange the loveseat for one with a fold-out bed (if it isn't one already) and this is a very ...

Queensland Container


This 20′ shipping container was converted into a mobile, tiny house in Queensland, Australia.

  • Barb Duder

    I would love to see this one furnished out - it's cute!...

  • Rajkumar sonarkar

    I have interested small home comforts surfaces...



Honomobo makes several floor container homes in Canada that are modular and IMHO, quite affordable.

  • Jacqui

    Very livable studio. I'd have it as my main residence (albeit restyled on the inside to suit my...

  • Mike

    Needs a fireplace. Two car garage seems like overkill for a 400 sq ft studio, but if half of t...

The Bear


The Bear 20′ container home was built and designed to be fully self-contained. This means that living on or off-grid isn’t a problem.

  • Kristina H Nadreau

    The splashes of orange color were not enough to save the container home. ghastly. plus no ins...

  • Windsor

    I love that IKEA leaf table with the center drawers. I have one as a sewing table, but it's ju...

Custom Shipping Container Home - Tiny House Swoon

Custom Shipping Container Home With Porch


Custom Container Homes took this shipping container and added ceiling height to it for a loft and also add a built-in front porch.

  • Soupoffun

    Window layout and positions are great I think. The inside of house is very bright really. Wood ...

  • Bob

    win !...

Tiny In A Box


The Tiny In A Box “West End” Model is comprised of shipping containers that and build with recycled and sustainable materials in Alabama.

  • bryan

    Hmm, is this company legit? After reading some of these comments, i'm beginning to have my doub...

  • marion grant

    These are actually made in China and the company in Alabama is some ind of middle man. They are...

Backcountry Container House


This shipping container home is only 20′ in length, but even with it’s pocket-sized it’s everything you need to live tiny.

  • John

    I agree....

  • Dorothy

    I like the flooring and love the rooftop deck. I assume you sleep in the seating area? It ...

Island Container Homes


These two container homes set super close to the beach and serve as guest accommodations for people on their beach vacation in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

  • Marilyn lopez

    Omg yo tengo uno abandonado necesito hacerlo así por favor contactarme...

  • brendaelk

    OMG! This is the best one for me!!! I thought the handcrafted movement was the one but this has...

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