Victorian Tiny House


Tiny Heirloom builds custom tiny houses in Oregon, all of which are beautiful.









  • Lara says:

    In all these tiny houses we see that have washers, where do they dry the clothes?

    • Sara W says:

      Most of the washers you see in tiny homes are actually a washer/dryer combo…pretty cool invention for saving space. Doesn’t really save you money, though, as they are quite expensive.

    • Idyllwildismyfavorite says:

      It’s combo, they use these in RV’s. Or maybe they hang them on a clothes line in the summer 🙂

  • Gary says:

    Love the single floor design. What is the length of your home/

  • Cynthia Taylor says:

    The club footed tub looks like a foot bath certainly not a full size tub where one can stretch and turn sideways without being stuck. Compact tubs suck. Would prefer a full size clubfoot tub running the width of the back portion of the home.

  • Liz says:

    Not sure what makes it “Victorian”, but it’s pretty. Guessing it was expensive to build, though. Clean looking. What else is there to say about it? It’s nice enough.

  • Phyllis Smith says:

    Where is the bed please?

  • Mike says:

    Arts and Crafts maybe. Victorian? No.

    • Lisa E. says:

      That was my take on it, too. The dentals on the front door say Craftsman to me. But it’s nice and big and roomy and I suppose one could tailor it to suit ones own tastes. I’m looking for something for my Mom, but she would need a Murphy or built-in bed.

  • Lisa Tallchief says:

    Best one yet!!

  • Evelline says:

    Beautiful kitchen! I love the wide windows!

  • sc says:

    This company makes nice looking houses, but not show stoppers. There is nothing wrong with that, but I see they have a show called “Tiny Luxury”, but I yet to see any of their houses with ‘luxurious’ features. I guess every builder has a style, but this style is getting flat. The same white walls with the 2 inch plain wood trim. I usually like white walls, but I hate that trim. No decor or style to it at all. I agree, its barely Arts and Crafts. If you want to see show stopping Victorian Tiny Houses, Brad Kittel of Texas Tiny Houses come to mind. Take a look at mackenzie-childs website to get a sense of Alice in Wonderland Victorian. I would hire a designer or master craftsman with imagination, but they seem to be doing just fine with what they have, I guess. They seem like really nice people and the houses do look quite livable, so I wish them all the best.

    • Liz says:

      Finally. Someone that doesn’t blindly love every single house on this site. I swear, every other house is laden with comments that drool with obsession over whatever the designer has put together. For the houses built with love and imagination, I am in complete agreement. For the plain, stereotypical THOW that some small business threw together while charging three times as much because they can…my camping tent is more homely. This house is nice enough. Nothing exciting, nothing worth the price, but nice enough. It is a very pretty tunnel.

      • Rperry says:

        Honestly, you should frame your comments with, “To each his own.” I personally like this house, the style and sophistication are near-perfect for me. Your favored “Victorian” stylings of the Mr. Kittrel Texas Tiny Houses look like a pile of scrap found in someone’s back yard to me, even if I can appreciate the value of using reclaimed materials, and they are not at all appealing to me. My personal tastes aside, I think the comments left here should be constructive, not critical.

    • Peggy Trivilino says:

      This house has a dishwasher, a combo clothes washer-dryer, a full size stove w/ a 4-burner range and a full size refrigerator–that is definitely my idea of luxury in a Tiny Home-genre structure.

    • Lisa E. says:

      I don’t see BK of T as being “Victorian” either. Victorian is about frilly black wrought iron fencing, velvet tufted sofas and chairs, heavy dark carved furniture, sweeping staircases, velvet swag draperies, flocked dark wall paper, chandeliers, colored carnival glass lamps with looped ribbon and heavily fringed lampshades, and curvy filigree designs on everything. The stained glass windows in the model on his website has decidedly Art Deco (right angle everything) styling, and the other window with multiple straight mullions dividing the window into sections is Craftsman. People need to do a little research online and ask their search engines for pictures of Victorian interiors and Craftsman, Art Deco and Art Nouveau interiors before they go giving their companies names they really don’t understand. (It only adds to the confusion.) There is some man who makes Victorian vardos. He was featured on Tiny House several years ago. He builds double-decker vardos and the interiors are truly Victorian (and to die for!) what with gorgeous lush colored paints on the wainscoting, baseboards and door frames, and stunningly beautiful wall papers. Now, THAT is Victorian. I wish they’d run his ads again with the video. It’s a dreamy joy just to see someone who really understands Victorian styling and decorates his interiors masterfully.

  • cdoer says:

    I’ll admit, Victorian isn’t my style. But that aside . . . this looks like it would be a nightmare to keep clean.

  • Landon Westerfield says:

    I agree about this does not seem very Victorian, more arts and crafts. Would anyone know about this floor plan or know where I could see more pictures?


  • Pam says:

    It’s certainly pretty and I love the kitchen area, but where do you you sleep?

  • Lacy says:

    . . . and really ~ who needs a dishwasher in such a tiny home. It’s not like you can’t wash up everything as you go.

  • M. says:

    I have a hard time adjusting if things are too close.
    Sorry, but when the windows don’t open I will feel like I am suffocating and the game is over.
    I want as many windows as possible…and they “must” open!

  • Suzanne says:

    Would like to have bedroom because I’m an amputee and a loft BR would be my spare and second loft storage. Unless you can make it so a queen bed mechanically lowers and sits on installed benched or pulls out from the wall because I have to have a Temperpeudic mattress

  • Kathy says:

    It’s pleasant and liveable…though they might not be “Victorian” perhaps walk-in bathtubs might literally be a better fit for the space: you sit fairly upright, but you’re submerged in a real bath, easy to get in and out unlike the japanese soaking baths, and you have nice luxurious jacuzzi jets.

    You can tell I’m thinking like an older person. I don’t know about the practicality as per weight of the tub, but if more grammas are going to be hanging out in TH apartments, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Mind you, Amazon sells an anti-Jacuzzi-vent-gunk chemical, so fighting gunk is a consideration, esp in a small space, but still…TH, nice warm jacuzzi….pretty much perfection, I’m thinking.

    As for criticism, I think any builder would welcome it if it’s considerate and thoughtful, as it is in this thread. Too many people do drive-by hit jobs on people’s hard work.

  • teresa taylor says:

    Would love to know price. and more info. Very interested. Do you have other floor plans. Thank You

  • gunguru01 says:

    The wood work in this house doesn’t just look expensive………it was expensive! That folding roof window, the custom front door, granite counters, tiny dish washer (although I’m not sure why), tiny clawfoot tub(again, not sure why), etc, etc! I am by no means saying it looks bad just saying that having something like this built had to be over the top expensive! The only expense they didn’t spring for was a better trailer………like a gooseneck or a fifth wheel. Something that will handle the weight a bit better!

  • Ginny says:

    Cute but definitely not Victorian! I don’t know where they get that. Who needs a dishwasher for one or two people? If you’re down sizing you don’t have a lot of dishes, pots, pans, etc anyway. I’d rather use that space for storage. And no pics of the bedroom area. It drives me crazy when sites like this don’t show the sleeping area! Is it that bad? It’s cute, as I said, with some nice things in it. Claw foot tub I don’t need, and it does look small. Full tub or just a shower is all I need.

  • Teresa taylor says:

    Is the floor plan on your sight and do you sell plans. How long is this Tiny Home. Love it. Would not call it Victorian .

  • Tonja says:

    I really like this one. The colors are bright and it has some unique features like the closets at the front around the wood stove. I would have liked to see the sleeping area and some more pics of the bathroom which looks pretty big for a tiny home. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Nickie says:

    One more question I was going to get the washer/dryer combo but heard they take 3 hours to run. Is that true or can you stop it after the wash or just use to dryer at times. Thank you such a pretty Tiny House.

  • Alia says:

    I had one of those washer/dryer combos, and hated it with a passion. Don’t recall how long it took (though seems like it was a long time) but the problem was that it gets things dry by spinning them to death, to get as much water out as possible. What I ended up with was a tight clump of extremely intertwined clothes. I had to iron my underwear – everything was wrinkled beyond imagination. Never again!
    Otherwise, I think this is a lovely tiny home. Lots of thought put into it!

  • Candice says:

    Where can I find that same tub?

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