Tiny Marta


This tiny house was designed with one basic idea, to live in it full-time super comfortably.







  • Mark Gibson says:

    Love it. I especially love the white everywhere.

  • Kara says:

    Really well done!

  • Lisa E. says:

    The outside is nice but the inside leaves much to be desired. It is so stripped down, I can’t imagine anyone actually living in this without making a lot of changes, like storage and cupboards. Personally, I hate open shelving. This is something the contractors came up with to cut cost. All this means is that every time you move this TH, you have to pack everything away or have it come flying off the shelves in transit. And I don’t like decorating with dead animal skins on the floor, or dead animal skulls on the wall, or the fire-starter lamp shades on the pendant lighting. I don’t see a w/d unit, and there aren’t any pictures of the interior of the bathroom.

  • Sally Schrock says:

    This TH doesn’t excite me at all; I have to agree with Lisa E. about its shortcomings. Also, I heartily dislike seeing a ladder in these. I’m not as nimble as I used to be, and the thought of slipping and falling off it at 2AM when going downstairs to the bathroom is extremely unpleasant. Thanks, but no thanks!

  • Mary Janke says:

    would love to call this one home with a few alterations…………..stairs are a must. We all get older (shock)!
    And I would love to see cupboards over the kitchen rather than shelves though I know shelves are a modern look, but just think of the dust on your dishes and cups, etc.
    But apart from this I love the airy feel and look. The outside too looks very nice and easy to maintain

  • Kelly says:

    Love this! One of my favorites. The flooring is beautiful.

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