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This tiny house in Slovenia has a full side made up entirely of glass to allow big views from the inside out.






A micro-house with full-glass side designed to house two people. Built by Ekokoncept in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


  • Monica Sweere says:


  • Sally Schrock says:

    This is a nice concept but it needs to be redesigned to allow for a kitchen and storage space. Also, it’s lacking in privacy with that big glass wall; if curtains or blinds were incorporated into this design, I would feel a lot less “naked” in it.

  • Bob G says:

    Meh. Kind of a joke to claim this as a living space when it’s pretty much just a rental office cube. One rents these cubes and drops them in a developing subdivision so future homeowners can review brochures.

    People who design these as domiciles remind me of those snooty chefs who serve two ounces of pureed oak leaves over avocado mousse and call it food, and then declare you bohemian if you don’t appreciate the flavors. Those guys are posers, as are designers of useless boxes like this.

    Not trying to be too harsh, but this is another Swoon fail, unless we use the same standards to describe “micro-house” that a homeless dude uses to describe an empty refrigerator box.

  • Clyde carter says:

    OMG a small toilet with a shower socket over head of the toilet and you’d be set

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