The Meadow Keeper’s Cottage


A tiny cottage out in the countryside of England.








A tiny cottage on wheels in East Sussex, England, United Kingdom at Swallowtail Hill.


  • Sandra says:

    Very nice. The only thing I’d do is switch the bed and seating areas. But that’s a personal preference.. And no toilet? I am not at all a fan of midnight sojourns to an outhouse.

  • Lisa E. says:

    I suppose those two benches double for additional beds but if I lived here, the padded benches would go out altogether, the main bed would go in that end of the house, I’d get a couple of fold-up chairs (to hang on the “kitchen” wall) and move the table opposite the food prep bench. Love the looks of this cottage; very quaint, but I’m with Sandra, I’d have to run a wall encompassing the kitchen end closet and add a bathroom. A little reconfiguration and this would be wonderfully inhabitable.

  • Sparrow says:

    The outside is wonderful! But yeah, the interior needs some work. If the roof could be raised a bit, a loft could be installed, with a small stairway, and then the area with the bed could be turned into a sitting/eating area, and the other end with the benches could have a bathroom. I’d put the toilet in its own little boxed-in area (with a good fan!) on one side and the shower on the other. As it is, this house is a charmer, but unfortunately not very practical…

  • Very adorable and quaint inside and out–but, in addition to no toilet facility, I don’t see any sort of refrigeration unit, and only a dry sink and a two-burner cooktop in the kitchen area. How would perishable foods be kept? And where would bathing and general washing-up be done? Is there a laundromat reasonably nearby? I also didn’t see any lamps or lighting fixtures–is this cottage wired for electricity? Maybe I’m not really in the spirit of simple living, but no running water and no electricity is what looks to be a rather isolated location is a bit too nineteenth-century for me.

  • Mike Wofsey says:

    Disagree with several, it’s perfect just as it is, beautiful and open and the toilet out in the yard, with the twig construction and the outdoor work. This home is true to itself, a cottage of the type that used to be the must luxurious option. It’s just so perfect in every way that it hurts a little to look at the photographs, because it’s obvious it was made the effort of a lifetime.

  • LaMar says:

    It is perfect just the way it is. Simple and charming with lots of character like out of a storybook. I don’t understand why people think they can improve on someone elses house that was built for their needs. I would like to see your houses. Just saying!

  • Catherine says:

    What a beautiful building! I love the sense of space and the graceful arches. Is it more an annex to a bigger place or is there no other building?

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