A tiny house designed and built to withstand -50°C temperatures.









Version.3 is the latest tiny house built by Leaf House Small Space Design & Build, a tiny house company based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Design as a case study for cold climate tiny house construction, version.3 features a number of innovations unique to the challenges faced by -50°C weather.

A 97 square feet tiny house on wheels in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. © Leaf House Small Space Design & Build.


  • Matthew says:

    I love the roof. How did you bend the wood to that contour?

  • Cas says:

    This is a gorgeous and innovative design! Congrats, Leaf House Small Space Design & Build, and thank you for sharing. Is the bed a Murphy (pull-down) bed, or is the interior photo showing the mirrored wall a before-bed-installation shot? Thanks, Cas
    Houston, TX

    • Cas says:

      Hi again! Sorry — I checked their website, and in the FAQ section, they mention that they often use Murphy beds. I think that is a great solution, even if a tiny house has a loft, so that visitors can come and stay!

  • Jen says:

    Very Nice. Curious about the bed…When looking at the reflection in the front door mirror, the bed can not be seen.
    I wonder how it functions. A tour always welcomed.

  • Beth DeRoos says:

    I think the wall of mirror tiles as you come in the front door is brilliant!! Allows for more light as well as making the place look bigger. And the use of mirror tiles also allows for easy replacement should one break.

  • sc says:

    What a great design! One of the most best looking modern designs I’ve seen in a tiny house.

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