The Big Blue Bus

A converted bus used to house a family of six folks.


  • Paul says:

    Looks and sounds like a great plan to me!

  • Andreas says:

    Excellent adventure. Love the all white look and general simplicity of the bus.

    Were it me, I’d add a kitchen (easy) and a bathroom (slightly more complex). I am just about to get a composting toilet installed in our vintage Airstream, so there’s no black tank to worry about.

    • DeLaney says:

      I am curious as to what composting toilet you’ve chosen for your Airstream. I am looking for those myself but would not like to pay 1,000- which is what they’re all nearly listed for. Are you building your own? And if so how do you plan on disposing of the waste?

  • Colleen says:

    Beautiful! But, what does it look like with all of your stuff moved in? And, why no kitchen space?

  • Cookie says:

    My hubby and I did this about 35 years ago with our two young daughters and a converted school-bus. We loved it!!!

  • Oz aria says:

    I live in Toronto Canada. As u may know we have 4 seasons. Our weather is cold at Tim es and unpredictable. I love the Idea of living in a small house or converted bus. Is it possible to own one in a city like Toronto, if u own a piece of property. Are they converted into weather friendly climates? How much would that cost .? Could u please send price list and several available models, plus additional info as to what is involved in order to own a dream come true. Independence.

  • Design Feria says:

    Ideal for trips nad traveling. I can see only one problem – driver licens for such a big venihle

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