Ballard Tiny House

The ballard is a tiny house on wheels built by Seattle Tiny Homes.

A 174 square feet tiny house on wheels. Take a 360 degree tour here. More info. here.


  • Sharon let me see inside the Ballad once and it is truly the BEST tiny home out there! With the large windows it feels so spacious and has wonderful natural light. Everything in the house is so functional. The colors are so inviting and there is just so much detail here. The little office in the rear of the home ~ so thoughtful. The actual tub, very nice touch. It is just a great design all the way around. I love it!

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  • Ida says:

    Way overpriced, boring little houses. Even Tumbleweeds are cheaper to buy. A contractor trying to muscle in on the Tiny House movement. They want $80-90k for a 24 footer. Yeah, keepin’ it real!

    • Scott says:

      I have been fascinated with tiny houses for two years now and religiously watch them online. I have yet to see one that has even minimal storage space for clothing, shoes, bed/bath linens, toiletries, laundry supplies, pet supplies. office supplies, minimal tools–the basics one needs to survive. What does a person do about such necessities?

  • rose says:

    Do you not see the linen cabinet in the bathroom? Also, a lot of couch seats lift up and have trunk space. You don’t really need much.

  • Hank says:

    Having been part of the tiny house movement, and having looked at houses and their prices every day for the last several years, the prices that this outfit is charging seem extraordinarily high (ie outrageous) to me. Maybe there is something in their package not shown that comes with it . . . like swamp land in Florida perhaps.

  • Karen says:

    So, I see the play loft for the kids, but where do they sleep? Would be really cramped to do the family bed thing in a small loft, not to mention scary with small children (no railing).

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