The Orange from Vagavond is a handsome-looking tiny house.


  • dennis says:

    every cool now must put on city lot

  • Maria says:

    I feel in love with this model. I would definitely be interested in buying a home this size.

  • Maria says:

    I fell in love with this model. I would definitely be interested in buying a home this size.

  • Sarah says:

    You’ve put so much thought and care into how you build dwellings, and it shows. The design is smart and functional, and you’ve clearly prioritized health (of the dwellers and the environment) in your choice of materials and methods. I’m curious as to which air exchanger you’ve chosen to use and to how accessible it, plumbing and wiring are for repairs down the road. This is more than just a tiny house; it’s a tiny, *well-built* house.

  • Beth DeRoos says:

    For me the loft area would need sky lights because it appears a tad claustrophobic. Love that the kitchen has a washer/dryer combo, as well as refrigerator and convection oven. Is that appliance under the convection oven a freezer?

  • Pam says:

    Beautiful; thanks so much for sharing!

  • Robin says:

    Wow! This place is incredible – just gorgeous – love love love it!

  • Bob says:

    $70,000 for a 150 square foot shed. That’s $466/square foot. No thanks. I love the idea of living more simply, I just don’t love the idea that it cost more.

  • Aziza Zayn says:

    Simplesmente adorável

  • Crystal says:

    It’s only $70,000 if you want them to include the sofa (which they price at $5000) and the stove (another $5000) etc. Without the furniture it’s $49,000, a big difference. Incorporating used/salvaged/your own appliances and furniture would not be much more, maybe a couple grand. Also, if you build it yourself, that’ll cut the price in half, about $25000-30000, including appliances, furniture, amenities. And again, if you use re-purposed wood, say from a barn or house that’s getting torn down, the price just keeps going down. Get creative, use a door for the counter top in your kitchen. I used a simple door for my desk and found a nearby liquidation center for most of my furniture. Remember that with the company that builds these- half of the price is materials, the other half is labor. If you can, DIY. And don’t get discouraged!! Anyway you look at it, $50,000 is still a hell of a lot cheaper than $350,000. No thanks on the 30 year mortgage, I still have school loans to pay!

  • Crystal says:

    how to get free paint, stains, etc.:

    liquidator. they liquidate and sell office equipment but a lot of it can be used in home. think about it- most office furniture needs to be small.. they have folding tables, workbenches, grommets, chairs, bookcases, etc:

    hope this helps!

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