Roly Poly


A tiny house built with the intention of serving as guest quarters in Portland, Oregon.






  • Terry Landis says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship. To me, having the fully functional bathroom and kitchen make all the difference. This is a very useable living space. Looks like there is space above the bathroom. What are you going to do with that?

  • Bill h says:

    Love the flip up deck…uses the trailer deck for interior space…well done

  • Joan says:

    Love the warmth of it !

  • Lesley says:

    I am DROOLING over that SPECTACULAR front duch door!!! I have look at a multitude of doors and this is the most AMAZING one I have EVER seen! Did you build it yourself? If so, would you build one for me?? Please, please, please!! If not, could you tell me where you got it and how much you paid for it? I HAVE to have one!

  • Anna says:

    I stayed in Roly Poly for 2 nights last fall (and cooked dinner both nights in that kitchen) and it was SUPER adorable! I especially loved the stainless steel shower surround and the live-edge wood shelf/table. Oh, AND that barn-door style bathroom door! It rolls smooth as butter and is gorgeous. The tiled countertops were beautiful, too, but I hate tile countertops (hard to clean), so…..

    But oh my god that house is SO small. Cramped, even. There were two of us, both relatively slim but tall… we managed, but I think Roly Poly is much better suited as a guest house (as it is being used now) than a residence.

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