A 200 square feet tiny house on wheels (loft included) in Austin, Texas. Built by Raw Creative Design

A 200 Square Feet Tiny House by Raw Creative Design



A 200 square feet tiny house on wheels (loft included) in Austin, Texas. Built by Raw Creative Design.










  • Ben says:

    I really like the fold out deck and awning, but that’s about all I can say because with the fish eye pics there’s no accurate views of anything on the interior.

    • Joyce says:

      I agree, the fish-eye lens definitely messed up the entire viewing experience. Made me feel nauseous to look at it.

  • Kimberly Beasley says:

    Love it!!

  • Sidney says:

    VERY creative way to sneak in 2 lofts, but the pictures are really hard to parse.

  • amanda says:

    Fisheye photos, nooooooo.

    I love this blog but sometimes the photos leave much to be desired 🙁

  • Ardith says:

    I agree with Amanda, the use of fisheye lenses for tiny houses photos isn’t advantageous. That said, this home—though it is difficult to really see—appears to have a great layout and intelligent use of design and space (including the exterior foldout space).

  • Ruth says:

    Ditto what Amanda and Ardith say about the photos. But – lovely finishes, very thoughtful. Is there any chance these photo spreads could include a floor plan? It would help appreciate all the features.

  • Jane on Whidbey says:

    I love all the clever storage around the bed. This is so delightful, I wish I could tell the proportions a little better, but it’s so hard to take pictures indoors with so little space without a fisheye. This is amazing for having two (I think) large beds and a ‘lounge.’ Very nice! Congratulations, and best wishes for many happy years!

  • Kathy says:

    I think I like it, but yes, it’s hard to get past the fisheye.Worth it to take a little trouble getting the best pictures possible of your hard work.

  • sc says:

    Just about everyone should do a video of their house when they submit their houses to these blogs, especially if they are a professional company looking to sell
    I really like the way the lofts are laid out especially the living room loft, but couldnt quite understand how it works until I went to the site and saw the picture of 3 people sitting in it. cant really see how the other loft is accessed. I would have also like to see how that back deck works. Really like the bathroom, a facebowl, yes! i like the shelving surrounding the toilet. The kitchen is nice, but the stove/oven needs a vent hood.
    No, i am mistaken, it doesnt have 2 lofts, the bedroom is under the living room. Nice. although too clausto for my personal taste.

  • Jean says:

    In spite of the fish-eye photographs, This Is The Most Excellent Tiny Home I’ve Seen! I’ve been looking for tiny home builders to put in basement bedrooms for a long time and only saw one other, built by a woman in New Zealand in her containerized cargo house a few years ago. The basement bedroom allows standing room in the area above it, permitting the above area to become a living area. The second bedroom or window seat-like area is gravy for this little house, particularly with the storage cubicles which can be used for bookshelves. In checking out the builder’s website, I find there are no specifications, for instance size or weight of the house or other information that interested customers may be interested in, including appliances. The vast and inventive storage areas are a definite plus in this build. The outdoor “shed” which includes the washing machine and controls for the house is especially innovative. This company is worth watching!

  • Augsburg says:

    Ha! Your photographer does not know how to use the lens correction feature in Lightroom and eliminate that disturbing fisheye distortion.

    That said, the cable supported porch would likely be very bouncy. Better to have some simple support from the ground. The folding porch and entry ramp are good ideas, however.

  • Cindy says:

    This is my builder and they are so very good at what they do. Unfortunately, you got their name wrong. It is Raw Design Creative.

  • Tiffany says:

    Go to the website listed under the last photo to see more/better photos of this tiny house.

  • Terry says:

    Love this tiny house… a shame about the pics though.

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