Rainier Cabin


Small, simple living in Rainier, Washington.








  • Devan says:

    Really nice home! I always enjoy looking at all the homes on this site but really love to see the pics of homes that are lived in. It helps to give me a better idea of what it can really be like to own a tiny home. Also, I love that back splash in the kitchen. I’ve never seen a design like that!! 🙂

    • I’m also extremely please to see “stuff” in a tiny house! Not all of us are minimalist so it’s refreshing to see these pics!!
      woo hoo! Sarah

    • kurt says:

      I totally agree! This is a great house and is lived in, which is very nice to see, but rarely seen.

      • Nerida says:

        This is probably my favourite. Beautiful furniture and pieces that make it very much a home. The pine board and recycled pallets (while I appreciate the reasons behind those) are getting a wee bit tiresome. Thank you for letting us take a peek into your world.

  • Julie says:

    This looks so cluttered and feels really claustrophobic to me. I’d love to see it without all the giant, heavy furniture pieces.

  • Moski says:

    thats pretty nice. But I have 344sqft and mine looks so much bigger. Wierd

    • kris says:

      Its too crowded with clutter to appreciate its beauty. I am currently in my the and ytrsnsition …dumping stuff I’ve had for eons has been difficult. But squeezing by stuff and my nicked up shins has helped me declutter my tiny kingdom ❇

  • Candide33 says:

    I love this one with actual furniture. I am planning to use real furniture in mine too, like the china hutch will be part of the kitchen instead of just holding nick-knacks like it does now. The sleeper sofa will be a bed now that we put a real mattress in it and the bookcase will hold baskets with our clothes and linens instead of books. No sense in throwing out perfectly good stuff if you can reuse it because you will just have to build more stuff.

  • roger says:

    very hard if not impossible to share individual tiny homes pix or posts with anyone else. Kind of dickish of your part IMO.Why are you so uptight? Thought you might want to spread the word.

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