Quilcene Cabin


Ric shares with us his little cabin in Washington.










A small cabin with bunkhouse in Quilcene, Washington on Little Gray Farms. Owned and shared by Ric Brewer.


  • Liz says:

    Man. That’s a whole compound! I love it. Nice set-up, feels like a private world in the woods. Quilcene, huh? I’m not too far from there. I love how sustainable and simple everything looks. Thanks.

  • Joan says:

    Would have loved to see kitchen & bathroom pics.

  • Sarah says:

    Rustic and charming! Thanks for sharing.

  • M. Plisco says:

    No kitchen, no bath ? Houston we have a problem! Love the idea of the separate bedroom, but when the rain or snow arrive, cooking without a kitchen would be difficult, same without a bathroom, at least there’s several windows to throw it out of! Oh yes I think I saw an outhouse, also a problem, I am handicapped so trekking to an outhouse, not to mention stairs to maneuver, and at night not my idea of fun. Very cute place, but not for me.
    Why do the tiny house builders not build Handicapped Acceptable housing? Maybe a little wider or eliminate the loft, or possibly add a pullout space for a bedroom or living room, with a kitchen at one end and bathroom opposite.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    to M. Plisco, the tiny house builders do build handicapped accessible housing, when requested. almost all tiny house mobile housing is custom built. I have followed this site for approximately a year and have seen huge variety in Tiny House design.

  • M. Plisco says:

    Kristina H. Nadreau, sorry if I came off as sounding like a smart a** but I am handicapped and I have only seen 1 tiny house built for someone with mobility problems or other disabilities, and even though it did have a few features there, it wasn’t nearly enough to base a plan onto for someone like me. I just would like to see the builders come up with a house with features for the handicapped.

    • Ric says:

      Hi, M. Plisco. I’m the owner of this cabin and I want to confirm that yes, this cabin is not handicap accessible. I sincerely do appreciate your dilemma that the so-called “able-bodied” of us do not often take handicap-accessibility into account when building. For anyone wanting to build such accommodations for sale or rent, this is an oversight that should be remedied.

      But let me also address a couple of your points: 1) I didn’t include photos of the kitchen or bathroom. Frankly, the kitchen is just a simply counter with a small oven/stove combo and the “bathroom” is composting toilet. I do not have running water as I don’t want to deal with septic systems, winterizing pipes and the like. 2) This building was originally workshop with bare studs and not intended for living in. I built with my available knowledge, abilities and resources to what it is now which is a weekend get-away for myself and friends. It is not rented. I only wanted to share photos as I LOVE my cabin just as it is and hoped others would too, with no agenda.

      I fully support your goals of accessible housing, andI encourage you to contact commercial builders of all houses meant for sale or rent. I would hope that people with tiny houses that successfully build such housing share it on this blog. Should you get to obtain a little place for yourself that you work with someone who will create it to your needs and specifications. And I also hope that you’ll love it as much as I love mine because it’s built the way YOU want it.

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