Tricycle House


  • Anne Hodge says:

    Would love to see these sold in America
    It would change the homeless problem in American dramatically.

  • Ben Brown says:

    The concept of this is fantastic. Origami furniture is more space saving than simply fold down or swing out furniture. My question would be durability. I would think carbonized bamboo (a type of carbon fiber) would be more durable long term. I’d like to see this considered and tried further.

  • Paul says:

    Simply amazing design!

  • Michael says:

    I love this design. I use my bike as my main form of transportation anyway, so this concept just thrills me. I’d LOVE one of these for myself, but I can see how the logistics of biking through traffic with one of them might be an issue.

  • What a great concept! These would really be great for mild climates. With the right material, it might even be good for mildly cold areas. I can’t see anyone living in only one unit, though I suppose it could work. If there are two people, then one can be sleeping, living and kitchen and the other, maybe even smaller, unit supplying storage and bathroom. I don’t think a hard tub would be too practical, though. I’ve seen folding canvas tubs that would work great. I would like to see these go into production.

  • Cee Jay says:


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