Off Grid SIP Tiny House


This tiny house is super-efficient in that it was constructed from SIPs and can be heated with a small, wall-mounted propane heat source.









  • Very nice. Can you please provide cost $ and and other details .

    Thank you.

  • Ladonna says:

    Love it! But I can’t see why it is so expensive compared to a mobile home.

    • Renee Davis says:

      Let’s start with unfortunately better built and insulated than most mobile homes, standard toilets can be less than $100. But composting toilet shown starts at $1700. High end kitchen appliances there is close to $ appliances there. The Marine stove for heating starts @ $700. but it will cook you if left on too long. The washer is washer/ dryer another $3k. And lastly would be the solar panels, controller box, and batteries. Definitely not cheap but your propane and power would be in this beauty.

  • M. Plisco says:

    Cute, love the kitchen at one end bath at the other. Only 2 things I don’t like #1. Don’t like lofts. and #2 Why do ya’ll build these house’s with galvanized aluminum and call it a design feature. Come on it looks like 1 step away from a tarpaper shack.

  • Joyce says:

    I like the bed that pulls out from under the kitchen and the long bench that does the same thing. No loft to deal with, woohoo!

  • don cooper says:

    Placing a bed below the level of a propane heater is extremely poor design as propane is heavier than air! Extremely poor design and would not pass a safety check. I’m sure.

    • Ryder says:

      Hi Don. It won’t matter where the heater is with respect to propane accumulation. They could put it on the floor, or in the rafters… and any leaks will still accumulate on the floor… not to mention the fact that a leak at the stove itself is not likely… it’s far more likely to happen at internal plumbing.

      The solution of course is a propane detector.

  • iris says:

    I love the pull out bed. I was thinking that if there were two counters across from each other, about 3 ft each, one could double the counter, flip the counter over at night and latch it onto the opposite counter. they could even have a 2 -3 inch foam attached but one would lose several inches and the cook would have to be very neat. But, one can not beat the pull out…better than climbing a ladder. Thanks for sharing

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