MiniMotives Tiny House

A tiny house built on a flatbed trailer with pallet siding.

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        1. Hello Macy,

          I LOVE your tiny house. Too bad I only found $$$ tiny houses when I was forced to sell my traditional house almost 6 years ago.

          If I could somehow save up $11,000….would you like to build another duplicate tiny house?


      1. You could custom build something like this around your grand piano. its highly posible. just like i want my big screen tv with a nice computer area.. ill build a house around that idea

    1. I have read your story of how you decided to build, the trials during building, and your incredible perseverance. I absolutely LOVE everything about this little house. It is beautiful and unique and there is nothing I would change! If I were a single lady, I would live in this in a heartbeat.

      1. Hello Macy, My husband and I really love your tiny home! We want to build our own and have been looking for the perfect one for a while. We came across yours and can’t find plans for it. Do you have a link so we can buy them?

        Thank you!

  1. Tell me more about the materials you used in the shower. It looks like some sort of treated wood? I love that you have the washing machine installed right in the kitchen. Nice clean lines everywhere….light, bright, cozy!

  2. Wonderful house ! Great to see the inside set-up ….but , why does the fridge always have to be across frm; the stove = a pain ! Beautiful design though ! What is the heating sorce ?..

    1. Thank you, the fridge is actually perfect for me! The heat is under floor radiant heat. I also have a small radiant heater in case I need it but my dog and I do a pretty good job of keeping it warm with just our body heat, and it’s been getting into the teens so far this year!

  3. Really like this house and how you’ve put it together……looks functional and homey. Would appreciate hearing what kind of location you are set up on, and any difficulties or advice you may have to give about moving this kind of house from one location to another, although you may not have encountered these ye; like what kind of truck or cab would it take, permits etc. Very nice job.

    1. Thank you! I built it in rural Idaho and moved it to downtown Boise. I was able to just hire a tow truck, a guy showed up with a 1 ton dually and it hauled just great! They are typically just registered as RV’s, there is a bit more in depth info on this at my site but that is the gist of it!

      1. HI! I am so excited to see this. I have recently purchased, gutted and redone a 1969 Airstream into my “non traditional” tiny home. I took on the project in hopes of being able to live affordably during and after I attend BSU for my Masters in Social Work. As I search all throughout Boise, checking craigslist almost obsessively, I am coming up way short on options for long term parking. Your home is beautiful! And it gives me hope again after reading that you were able to find a location to park in Boise. Do you have any advice for me as I look for a place to call home in this beautiful city? How did you find a location to park? Do you know of any others similar? Any help would be beyond appreciated!

    1. I’m not sure if this question is directed at me but I don’t sell these, this was my own personal project, soon I will have floor plans available so you could build your own.

  4. I’m with Michael. I’m single with no children, and a house like this would be perfect for me! How much did it cost to build, who’s your contractor, and can I get one? 🙂

    1. Thanks Judy-
      The budget info is all at, in short it came in at $11,400 ish completed. I was my own designer and contractor :). It was a DIY project, one is enough for me to build! I love it and loved the process but it was back breaking work, literally ;-).

  5. Hi Macy. I absolutely L-O-V-E your home! And would love to build my own. You mentioned above making you floor plans available. How can I get a copy?

  6. It really amazes me that people will build a tinyhome but won’t consider gooseneck hitches! Having the load over the rear axle makes these larger builds haul much easier. Very inventive on the build but, is that sheetrock on the interior walls? Has that cracked or shifted in the process of moving?

    1. I think goosenecks are just not that common so people don’t always realize it’s an option… That is Sheetrock, it moved perfectly, no issues at all though I did stiffen the frame quite a lot!

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  8. I am seriously thinking of purchasing your plan for the tiny house. I have a question though about the floor. I had an idea to make square compartments in the floor under a rug for extra storage. Could that work in your design?

    1. Hi Rebecca-
      Depending on your climate it’s important to have full insulation in the floor as well, so long as you can do that you’re golden. My design is a full foot below the max height so there is room to build the entire floor up if wanted.

  9. Do you build homes like this for other people? I would love to build something like this, at a similar cost range, for myself. But I’m no architect and don’t even know where to start.

  10. Hi, I am embarking on a 2 story upsidedown house with basement & roof terrace . It has been a 50 yr wait . I’d like it to energy efficient & have your practical touch . I can’t locate your firm’s info. Thank You ,LB

  11. I really like this lay out. I would like to put several of these on a big piece of property for my family. Everyone can have their own.

    However, for me, the deck at the end is a lost piece of housing. I would build it as part of the house and expand bathroom and have full washer and dryer (stackable). Maybe a bigger fridge.

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