Tiny Wooden House

A tiny house in England with a cool outdoor setup.


  • lynn says:

    This is amazing love the cozy efficient spaces tied together with simple decking and the surrounding “yard” is clean and clipped

  • SusanS says:

    The three bunk loft is an amazing idea!!! I would love to see the floor plan for this one. Where is the “master” bedroom located?

    • Emme says:

      Lynn, it appears to be under the loft, behind the “stairs” and bench, through those 2 doors in picture 4. In the very first picture you can see the bed through the doors on the far right side, and then through the middle closed french door you can see the “stairs.” In the picture with the bed you can also see where the ceiling is lower over part of the foot of the bed, making space for the steps. I hope this helps.

      It seems like a really interesting arrangement. I would love to see a floor plan. I like what they did with the kitchen and the downstairs bedroom, and the “stairs” to the loft look easier to use than a ladder.

    • Anon says:

      If you look up at the first picture you can see it on the left side of the house, floor level.

  • Mary J says:

    that’s amazing, can picture this little house at the seaside with the family having a wonderful time during the day and being tucked up in bed at night in the attic – really is so cute, and can imagine there would be alot of fun times in a cottage like this with its outdoor fireplace and the hot tub.

  • Janet romero says:

    how do you find out the cost of this ,, and who you could get to build it

  • MrsC says:

    Love it! Been brainstorming tiny homes for a family of five and this fits so well 🙂

  • Sheryl Hart says:

    Would you please tell me the manufacturer’s name of your wood burner that is shown inside of this fine home? Love your stoep, especially your benches. What a wonderful retreat.
    Thank you,

  • A says:

    this is a great idea especially for poor or disaster victims! not necessarily not as expensive materials but same concept!

  • Jacob says:

    Very clever design indeed. It seems like the master bedroom is under the beds in the loft? I don’t see a photo of the bathroom, but it looks to be on the opposite end of the house. I wonder what’s on the other end of the loft… storage?

  • markus says:

    After loving and examining this concept… I clued into the key element in this design… its a old shipping container.

  • Katie says:

    Hi I was trying to look to book the tiny wooden house but I can’t seem to do it could you tell me if u have any availability on any of the bank holidays and how much it would be Thankyou x

  • DKJ says:

    Makes for quite a bit of bed space but seems like any option of going to the bathroom while others are sleeping may be a big problem. Kids or adults, they truly do need to be able to get up at night and would be best not to have to wake almost everyone else to do so.

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