The Centipede

Most sub-100 square feet tiny houses I’ve seen have very little exterior styling because of space limitations. The Centipede? Not so much.

A tiny house with just 88 square feet or floorspace in Madison, Wisconsin. More info. here.


  • David says:

    This is probably the worst layout I have seen in a tiny home yet. It looks great from the outside but where are you supposed to put anything? Even a hot plate and a MW would make that kitchen unusable and I don’t see any kind of clothes storage. I guess the reason the couch doesn’t have a back on it is because there isn’t enough width in the trailer. Looks very uncomfortable and would be very awkward to live in.

  • Hunter-Grace says:

    settles don’t have backs. people face each other from sitting one on one side the other sits from the other side so they can have a conversation and the high sides act as backs…..duh…..and it probably was built for some one other than you.

    • Mo says:

      While I agree with the couch explanation (except that settees have backs unless otherwise specified), you might want to make sure you spell “settee” & “someone” correctly before throwing the word “duh” in someone’s face. Or not feed trolls in the first place. Just a thought. 😉

  • Suze_O says:

    Is there a bed in the loft? Pictures are lacking of that space. I can’t imagine why unless that space is only for storage. I hope the couch doesn’t double for the bed at night.

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