Liberty TM


A recently-completed tiny house on wheels in California.









  • Very nice but… where is the kitchen table, the chairs, the sofa and the bed (mattress)?

    All is very good but… these important things are missing…

  • Catherine says:

    Absolutely stunning. This is my kind of Tiny House!

  • Tammi Dean says:

    Tammi Dean
    Today at 11:06am
    I love coming to this page and others and looking at all the different beautiful Tiny houses. The first time I saw the show I was hooked. I would love to live in a tiny house, it is my dream. I think about it night and day. The creators of them are so unique in their architectural designs. I am disabled and can’t work any longer due to a lot of my issues. We went from living in a 3bdrm apt appt to moving to VA and living with my sister. I had to send my son to live with his dad am trying to get help with building or buying a tiny house. I am only 45 yrs of age and have lots to offer. If your interested you can check out my web page. If it weren’t for God and AA I don’t know where I would be. I am truly grateful to all.

  • sc says:

    Nicely done overall, Good placement of windows, but I think using the same small size window throws me off. I like the small window in the bathroom, but the windows in the living room/kitchen are a few inches too small. Its disconcerting.
    The loft is slightly claustrophobic with only those two small windows for my taste. Love when I see a wash/dryer, the storage, the steps and general layout. It will make someone a happy home.

  • Lisa E. says:

    I’m just the opposite; I like the smaller windows for three reasons: (1) security; less opportunity for a break-in, (2) more wall space to put things on, and (3) less surface for a heat transfer to the outside when cold/snowing.

    I love the staircase, but I would make each step a storage box. To me, the bedroom looks spacious (in comparison to gable lofts where one is bumping their head every time one turns over; now that’s claustrophobic!) And I love the cabinets over the kitchen area. There needs to be some place to sit down and possibly a hassock could go into the alcove space next to the door with a drop down wall table (from Ikea) which would give an instant dining area. Or, put a board across the alcove for a desk/table and put a chair at that station. The kitchen sink is nice and big but I would prefer an even larger country kitchen sink I could divide into two with one or two plastic dish tubs. Love the washer and dryer combination.

    This build doesn’t emphasize a living room area and thus space is given over to accommodate the staircase and the spaciousness of the kitchen. This is perfect for a large/tall man single occupant, or for two without children. If I had to travel a lot, this would be a good choice for me, but I tend to have hobbies and collect things, so a Flat Back THOW design (see Walter Quade’s build at www(dot)lilypadplanet(dot)com in the “gallery” dropdown for this style THOW.)

    I like this THOW very much because it is clean, spacious and very functional. It would be perfect for business and anyone who has to travel a lot.

  • kelly says:

    this tiny house is amazing. I love it. Great job. thank you for sharing.

  • Ellen says:

    Love a tiny home. This one is very pretty and I do enjoy the stairs to the loft. I am thinking that there is usually some sort of mattress in the loft. Also I did not see any fridge or desk, chair, space to eat and WHERE do you put your clothes? Apparently you can wash them but WHERE do you put them? Whatever sort of toilet that is it looks scary, as tho it could swallow you whole. I look at spaces with a feel for harmony within. Spacious enough loft but there must be something to sit on downstairs! (Besides the scary toilet!)

  • Barbara says:

    Under the stairs should have been used for storing hanging clothes.
    I believe there is a small black fridge beside the staircase.

  • S. says:

    I have to agree with the No seating for meals or living room, Also why would you put the toilet so close to the wall. If you are left-handed. You would have to sit sideways to clean your bum. Just sayin.

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