Bristol Vardo









A handmade 72 square feet gypsy vardo in Keynsham, Bristol, England.


  • Douglas says:

    That is amazingly elegantly and efficiently designed. I could almost live in that.

  • its pretty, but more of a camper than a home – no bathroom? Very sweet though. I would want it to work.

  • Alain says:


    really nice

    will it be possible to see it as we will go to our son in Bristol ?

    Thank you for youre answer

  • Elle says:

    Great slide-out table and bed/seating arrangement! I like that better than just about any I’ve seen, although I might hollow a pull groove out of the bottom side of the tabletop rather than add a handle, to avoid hitting it while getting in and out of bed. I’d like to see more clearly how the tabletop is supported, too—can’t tell if there’s a fold-down leg or legs? It looks as if there’s a ton of out-of-sight (especially if you added a door or curtain) under-bed space for storage of larger items like luggage and sports gear. If that’s a standard full-size bed (maybe different in UK than US though), it looks like the vardo is about 6’6″ wide. An 8-foot width would give enough space to build in shelves etc. across one end of the bed as well… thanks for the inspirations!

  • di says:

    Try pull-out STORAGE ottomans beneath a padded bench to create additional seating or a larger bed as needed. Place the pads from the back of the bench over the ottomans. Store minimal kitchenware for one-pot recipes. Store 5 tops and 3 bottoms to create 15 outfits. Store a portable composting toilet in an ottoman. Additional storage and furniture may not be needed.

  • di says:

    Rather than encase the front of the porch with railings, add a wide folding staircase. While outdoors, sit on a folding bench on the porch or sit on the steps.

  • di says:

    Rather than a counter top, try a folding shelf. Store it away when it is not in use.

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