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Karen’s backyard guest studio.






Karen is a professor who lives with her daughter in a beautiful two-bedroom, one-bath home in Berkeley, CA. Karen needed an independent home for an aging relative who lives with her for several months per year, a sanctuary for her own work, a guesthouse for a steady stream of family and friends, and a little extra income.

A backyard guest home and work studio in Berkeley, California. Built by New Avenue Homes.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Marianne says:

    So the elderly relative climbs a ladder to sleep, and gets tossed out when the owner needs some income, has to work or has guests?

  • Phyllis says:

    What are the dimensions/square footage of your studio?
    I’ve been looking at Tiny Houses for a while now, because I will be needing to sell my house within a couple of years. I will probably build a Tiny House on wheels.

    Your’s is one of my favorites.

    • I LOVE this I so much , I want a small home for myself, I am 62 and on SSDI and all ways worry about paying rent..if I had one of these I would never have to pay rent again..:):) what is the size and how much did it cost you too build? I am in TEXAS

  • How much was the total, all in cost? And what percentage was completed by you or your family and what was done by contractor?

  • Jeanne says:

    This is one of the nicest layouts I have seen.

  • Jann Bell says:

    I, too, look at every small house post I encounter and one very important aspect of this movement, besides the obvious one about energy savings, using recycled materials, living without staggering debt is the power of the tiniest, unique details that feed our eyes and support our sense of well being. The best are not only all of these things, but nourish our need for beauty in all things utilitarian.

  • Salo says:

    Beautiful Home, and great energy!!!

  • tthom2 says:

    Very nicely done. I can’t figure out how you fit all this into the tiny square footage. Where is the bathroom located?? It looks as though it would take up the whole space.

  • Robin says:

    THIS home is “WHY!!!” a person should hire an architect!!!! For those of you that read Comments, click on the LINK to New Avenue Homes and there are tons of photos AND the floor plans, explaing “How?” everything fit into this stellar tiny home! I was also puzzled by the photos and thought, “They can’t possibly be from that tiny house!”, but I was happily proved wrong!

    Exceptional design. LOVE at First Sight! Liveable to the MAX and I could easily see a person living in this full time.

    The ONLY quibble I have is with that ladder leading to the loft: it presumes that you will ALWAYS have two functioning legs to clamber up and donw in a very regimented way. I took a horrid spill this Winter during the Polar Vortex and twisted my right ankle but good. I could have made it up a normal ladder to a loft but could NEVER have managed up a ladder like this that is so dependent upon two functioning limbs.

    I “get it”…it’s Artsy and a Design Element. But, practicality-wise, you better pray you never injure yourself, either short term or long term!

    With that one exception, THIS is one of the most dynamic and delightful tiny homes I’ve seen! 😀

  • gabrielle says:

    This is one of my favorite tiny houses ever. So impressed! A tiny space that feels big

  • Tami says:

    Love how the shadows cast by the dowl loft railing makes it look like a tent! Love the stairs…I’d paint them the same accent color that you have on the back wall of the bedroom loft for a little pop! Sweeeet little home!

  • Janet says:

    This is the best I’ve yet as far as the upper level bedroom. Most I see I’m not impressed with. This room has a lot of space. Just awesome!! Love to know more about it.

  • Cathy says:

    Wow, this is the nicest tiny house layout! Love the kitchen and bath, it makes it look like a bigger home and the quality is so better than any other tiny house I looked at..

  • Kayla says:

    Wow, gorgeous! Very unique layout

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