Blue Door Tiny House


Conrad’s tiny house on wheels in Washington.









A 144 square feet tiny house on wheels in Stanwood, Washington built by Conrad Harley. More info. here.


  • Teresa says:

    First things first, I love your blue door! I also love the freshness of all the white and how simple the house is. It is beautiful just the way it is. If it were my little house, I’d fill all that sunny white space with my collection of blue glass. May I ask, how much roundabout did it cost to build?

    • Conrad says:

      Hi! It cost us about $18,000 – ish. We purchased the trailer new which was a big expense, if you want to built it for less you can find a used trailer. We also purchased higher cost items like the cedar siding, intense insulation and engineered bamboo flooring.

    • Conrad says:

      We are trying to sell it… it’s located about an hour north of Seattle. We are asking $22,000 – which we feel is fair considering some interior work will need to be completed (new ones through seattle tiny homes start at $45,000ish and Tumbleweed is much higher).

  • Robin says:

    Meh. You “had me” at the Blue Door. You “lost me” with the barely finished interior. Too roughed out for my tastes, especially after seeing how finished off your exterior elements are. Unfinished dry wall; exposed beams to rot in the bathroom. And the plumbing in the bathroom!?!? WTF???? I’m going to pretend that all the unfinished areas are intended to be “fixed” in the future; otherwise, this looks like ALL the labor went into the presentation OUTSIDE and the INTERIOR was met wtih a ~shrug~ and a “Well, that’s good enough.”

    • Clare says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!! bathroom is awful and resembles a public toilet…….such a shame as looks beautiful from the outside…

    • Conrad says:

      We definitely finished the interior quickly as we found ourselves in a tight spot… then with the babies it never got finished to our standard. However, it worked perfect (and decorated it looked much more polished) and that’s what was most important to us. Definitely not everyone’s taste, and that’s fine! We are trying to sell it and hope that whomever purchases it will do to the interior as they wish. It’s just like a house – people have different tastes and when you buy it you can do whatever you want!

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