• Lisa E. says:

    I like the loft in this one; you don’t get the feeling of claustrophobia, although a skylight or a pair of them over the bed would be nice for night time sky viewing.

  • Eould love to stay here .Next trip to portland

  • tthom2 says:

    This is one of the nicest tiny homes I’ve seen. Syle & simplicity. Only 2 things I’d like differently: a pocket door instead of curtain for the bathroom – and – a larger kitchen sink. Other than that – It’s perfect for me.

  • Dorene says:

    where do you order floor plans for this one??

  • All good, except one thing. What do you do for a washing machine?

  • Jane says:

    I recently toured this house, and stayed in the Tandem, visible through the window. This loft is remarkably spacious and comfy-feeling. This has a trailer that has been designed by PAD and ShelterWise that allows the floor to be dropped lower and the insulation to be installed in the frame, enabling a higher ceiling although being within the 13.5′ regulation. My own tiny house has this trailer, and I highly recommend it.
    The beetle-kill pine that lines the walls and gives it the blue hue is more subtle than most others I’ve seen. It’s truly lovely, and built by an Aussie. Thus the name. Sweet space to visit.

  • Karen says:

    Wish I’d known about this place before my son graduated from Reed! We’ll need to make a trip down just for fun sometime soon.

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