The Zoe Tiny House in Welches, Oregon is one of many tiny houses at The Mount Hood Tiny House Village.








  • 9418 says:

    another “toy”. pass.

  • angela spicciatie says:

    are any of these tiny houses on long island, ny?

  • gunguru01 says:

    It seems to me that if you design a tinyhouse there would be more thought put into an extra sleep space. And, hopefully the guest isn’t even slightly overweight. Maybe, put a can of Vaseline next to the opening. Or, maybe a large shoe horn would suffice.

  • SusanRay says:

    This is as close to perfect as I have seen! I am single and older, and I’ve been looking for a design that would give me a space for a comfy chair, a “guest area” for my rare guests and a ground floor bed for me. Wonderful design!

  • Jonn says:

    Why in the world would people leave nasty messages? Boggles the mind. Cool little hotel village, if you ask me.

    • Liz says:

      Because they have a right to.

      • Kristina H Nadreau says:

        thank you sometimes negative messages are usful and are not nasty, simply pragmatic expressing an opinion. other times there is an edge of sarcasm. a very few are downright mean and directed towards individuals. Sometimes I have been called names etc on these blogs when I point out deficiencies in design.

  • phil says:

    What a sweet little house! I’d only change a couple of things. I’d do a built in window seat with storage underneath in that cozy window area instead of a freestanding piece of furniture. I’d add a convection toaster oven for baking. I’d also add some shelving in the downstairs sleeping area at the foot of the bed/doorway area. I’m hoping that there is storage under that bed accessible under the doorway and/or through the bathroom wall. I also hope that there is some storage at the foot of the lofted bed. That seems to be the big thing lacking, storage space, even if it for a short term rental, except for the hooks behind the door, I see no space to put clothing and other necessities. I could totally live in this tiny house. Another thought would be to have the single bed as a flip up Murphy bed, so the space could double as an office space or to allow great access to storage underneath. Also, the flip down table would be better as a narrow counter with stools to provide more cooking prep surface. Flip down tables sound great, but the seating still takes up the same footprint whether the table is up or down. All in all, I’d move in in a heartbeat with these few modifications.

  • Bianca says:

    Really love your tiny house I want my sell

  • John Dilling says:


    Really it is a Wonderfull gigantic Tiny-house,
    it is possible that I can get permission to put a picture in our local newspaper, please.

    Thank you for any message.

    Kind regards

  • Brooke Mapp says:

    What is the name of the gorgeous aqua blue on your tiny home? Would love to get it for my shutters out front of my tiny home. Ty.

  • Suhela says:

    wow so cute, just love it, i can sure leave in one of these myself.

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