The Lucky Penny


Lina’s super compact but snug tiny house on wheels in Portland, Oregon at the Simply Home Tiny House Community.








A 100 square feet tiny house with vardo styling in Portland, Oregon. Designed and owned by Lina Menard, Niche Consulting. Photos and video by Tiny House Giant Journey.


  • C Koehler says:

    Love it. How much?

  • Carol says:

    I love this one! She has oodles of storage for such a small space. The only thing I would have a problem with is there is no room for the dogs. I think i would need some extra floor space and maybe more lounging area cause who wants all the dogs on the bed. But i love the look and style!

    • Lisa E. says:

      The Lucky Penny is 8′ x 14′ so it would be possible to stretch this out as much as you might need. For an actual travel caravan, 14′ is a perfect size.
      But if you don’t have plans of moving around, then added footage wouldn’t be a problem. I’d like a little extra footage so I could add in an Incinolet; this would cover all of my needs. I really love this build and I’m torn between this one or the “Lilypad” which comes in at 24′ and is also located in Portland.

  • gunguru01 says:

    The colors are great and the custom windows really make the space stand out! It is small but looks very comfortable!

  • Alan Dortch says:

    Love it! Do you have building plans for this? If so, is it possible to get a copy? Thanks.

  • thomas malkin says:

    With the bed that high off the floor level, you could put in a Nature’s Head *under* the bed platform — on a sliding drawer-like mechanism (or rolling platform) behind a door, to be hidden behind doors when not needed. Nature’s Head doesn’t require a hookup other than a flexible tube for an air exhaust fan. Toilets don’t need to be tall. One can pull the same trick with cabinetry.

  • SC says:

    So beautifully designed! The exterior, custom windows and storage cabinets are spectacular! I would use it as a office/workspace.

  • Graham McCarthy says:

    Are there plans for this house? This is just perfect!

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