Hogan’s Haven


Katie and her family (of four) implemented some neat features to fit their family of four in their tiny house in Minnesota.

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  1. Is that an open bath tub I see! Wow you just gave me an amazing idea for my tiny house bath. Very beautifully planned out and I love the dinning table set up. Superb job!!

  2. This home is such an obvious labor of love, and I’m sure you and your family will be
    making lots of wonderful memories here.

    1. This home was featured on HGTV tiny homes last week the the house has a heated floor in it they no longer live in Minnesota he got a job in Lake Tahoe and they took their tiny house to Lake Tahoe

  3. nice use of storage, I could easily call this home because it has all I would need. Except the bathroom – i’d be interested to know how easy it is to keep clean with all the wood?

    1. Hi Christine,
      These photos were taken the day of the final reveal for an episode of HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” so we have since added a protective wall covering to the shower walls but the walls are all sealed so it cleans up very easily.

  4. What are the dimensions of this tiny house? It does seem as if it’s big enough and designed smartly enough for a family.

  5. Beautiful home! I love the exposed wood and practicality. I also love seeing fellow Minnesotans rocking the Tiny Houses!

  6. Love your tiny house. What was your cost to build? What is your heat source?
    thanks for sharing

  7. How do you reach the pots and pans on the high shelf? What’s in between the bathroom and refrigerator wall? A closet?

    1. Hi,
      The bottom step of the staircase is a removable step stool that we use to reach the shelf and for the kids to wash their hands. The space between the bathroom and kitchen is a little closet.

  8. You will enjoy the house for a few yrs when your kids are a couple yrs older this isnt the place to raise a family.

  9. Wow! I think I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours viewing Tiny Homes and then some!
    But, this is the first one I have seen actual step drawers you completely retract as if they were just
    drawers! I am impressed!

  10. Nice… though those stairs seem a little deadly… perhaps if the drawer fronts were recessed?

    Beautiful home…

  11. 2 questions –

    how do you get up to the second loft area?

    And I LOVE the space you have for your kids, but what’s the plan as they get older?

  12. Hello. Your house is wonderfull. Congratulation
    How do you heat the water of your Warmboard system ? whith solar electricity, passive solar, gaz or just electric grid?

  13. Are there plans available for your stairs? If so, how could I get them. They are perfect solution for us. We are turning prefab barn into a tiny house. Looking everywhere for stair solution. Hoping this is the one.

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