Hastings Tiny House


Little bit of tiny house living in Minnesota. This tiny house has some pretty serious r-value.

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    1. They’re in Hastings, Minnesota, where the average daytime *high* temperature is below freezing 3 months a year, and nights dip to freezing 7 months of the year.
      Windows are your biggest liability for heat loss. Your walls’ r-value is useless if the heat escapes thru glass. You can tell this house is built with cold weather in mind; they talk about the “spray foam insulation floor to ceiling”. It would probably be good in extreme heat, too (like desert living). This definitely isn’t a house for someone in a mild climate. I agree the windows are used sparingly, but I think they cut a good balance for what it’s built to endure.

  1. Thank you for sharing a tiny house that is actually lived in! Gives a great idea of storage and living space. I love the collapsable counter, and the stool storage. Adorable.

  2. Well done! I like the rustic farmhouse look, the large pantry, privacy wall in sleeping area and all of the storage. And it is swell being able to see a tiny home that’s actually being lived in when photographed.

  3. The ONLY problem I have is lack of windows. Love the bedroom with dual closets and PRIVACY. The downstairs looks very functional and cozy. Great Job!

  4. Great layout with interesting finishes. I’d lose that cluttered shelf above the couch and add a couple more windows. And no range hood?

  5. I love this design…I also like the windows up high to flood the room with light but it keeps people from looking in. Windows are great – but too many windows just give people the option of looking in…so you have to use blinds or curtains for privacy. (that is just my humble opinion)

    I love the panty in the kitchen, the closets, and the stair storage. I also love the color!! Too often it seems that white is the primary color just because it looks bigger. The pops of red and teal are awesome!!

  6. I really want a tiny house. And I’m thinking about retiring in Two Harbors, Mn. But I have no idea what property to look for. Could you give me some suggestions.

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