Dustland Manor


Katie, a high school student at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy built this off-grid tiny house as her high school project with the intention of donating 100% of the proceeds to her school’s solar panel initiative.







I would really appreciate it if there is any other way you can share my story. I built this home as my senior project, for my senior year of high school, and I am donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my house to my school, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, Florida, to be used a funds for a solar panel installation initiative on campus. The House is made with as much reclaimed material as possible, and designed to run entirely off the grid. I am really hoping to set an example in my community and beyond of the importance of clean energy and sustainable living, and I appreciate any help in spreading my message. You can find more information on my project at Dustland Manor, or on Facebook here.

A 96 square feet solar-powered off grid tiny house on wheels built by high school student Katie Hoagland on Merritt Island, Florida. More info. here and here.


  • Sharon says:

    Good for you Katie. That was quite a project and very generous of you to donate the proceeds from the sale.

  • Beverly Schrider says:

    I like it!! I love the barrel for the shower. I had to giggle to myself when I saw the dishwasher, though! Obviously, hand-washing dishes is not on your list of favorite activities =) I can’t imagine having too many dishes to wash in a Tiny House. If this were mine I’d replace it with a combination washer/dryer. I love all the creativity that goes into these houses. I can’t wait to have my own. It’s nice to know if you get tired of one design, it really would not be too difficult to completely redesign it to fit your mood or changing preferences.

    • Dawn Scott says:

      I love it. Nice work. Just a note to Beverly: I do believe that is a tiny fridge, and not a dishwasher. 😉

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